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Can you see yourself cozying up with a good book and a cup of tea on one of these sofas? Vote for your favorite living room in the poll below the photos and we’ll publish the results in the premiere issue of HGTV MAGAZINE—on sale in October!

Living Room #1 – Sleek + White

Modern Living Room by Don Raney

Living Room #2 – Classic + Casual

Traditional Living Room by Jennifer Duneier

Living Room #3 – Colorful + Traditional

Transitional Living Room by Shelly Riehl David

Living Room #4 – Fresh + Contemporary

Contemporary Living Room by Natalie Umbert

After you vote, leave a comment telling us why you love your favorite room and you might see your comment in the magazine, too!


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109 Responses

  1. The style of decor for room #1 does not seem to fit the architecture of the home- the traditional stair railing and faux columns, the coffee table/ottoman and 2 chairs both look like they are made from bicast "leather." I like and voted for #4, even though the TV over the fireplace bugs me, especially for a living room.

  2. Kay says:

    I chose the sleek and modern living room (no. 1) because it features two of my favorite colors and really embodies so many different styles in one room! Love it!

  3. Diana Beall says:

    #4. There is plenty of room to move around and you are able to reach the seating and other room elements without having to detour and squeeze around other features. It is visually appealing and as a home keeper, it looks like it would be easier to clean. Oh yes, designers need to remember that their creations must to used AND cleaned-not just looked at and admired.

  4. Val says:

    #2 because those are the colors I would love to use to re-do my living room.

  5. Richard Araujo says:

    I vote for #4 Fresh + Contemporary, like the use of the space, the amount of light to the room, the colors blend so well and the accent pillows give it a warm feeling for anyone wanting to visit or just relax to watch a movie or read a book. A special accent of the room is the semy round window seat and the modern fireplace.

  6. Dottie says:

    I voted for #3 because it looks cozy and has lots of character. This colorful room looks like it has evolved over time. The other rooms look like furniture store settings to me.

  7. Char says:

    #2 is the most inviting and the one I would pick. I could plop down on the couch or in one of the chairs and put my feet up.
    #1 is cold and uninviting, the white furniture says "look but don't touch". Although I would love a couch with a chaise on the end, White is definitely NOT the color to put your feet up on!
    #4 has so many pillows everywhere you have no place to sit and nowhere to put your feet up. While they make great photos, they are very impractical…do you throw them all on the floor when you want to sit down?
    # 3 while the couch and ottoman in look inviting, the room is too cluttered (especially with the padded cubes; the chairs have no armrests making them look really uncomfortable for long relaxing conversations; and I just don't like the color combinations in this room.

  8. Nosimej says:

    I picked # 3. All the additional seating, the fire place, is look like you have a lot of wiggle room as far as the seating goes. It has a nice flair of sophistication, and inviting at the same time. Love it Love it Love it!

  9. Faith says:

    I would choose room #2 of the four options pictured because the furniture looks comfortable and there is a nice amount of architectural detailing. As pictured, it looks a bit like a stage set. If the remaining wall of the space has a built-in window seat and bookcases overlooking a lovely landscape, it would seem more cozy and complete. If I were decorating this type of space in my own home, however, the furniture would be upholstered in richer colors and/or a deeper paint color contrasted with the white trim.

  10. Louise Sawyer says:

    I choose #4 I love the design of room the way the furniture is aranged the spacious look of the window view and the great fire place and built in shelves great arangement.

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