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The 2011 NBA draft is upon us. Sports chat rooms and talk shows are buzzing with the news of Lakers’ forward Ron Artest’s new name change (“Metta World Peace” if you haven’t heard), as well as the picks of popular teams like the San Antonio Spurs, Utah Jazz and Boston Celtics. No matter who your favorite team is (or if you’re a fair-weather fan who’s obsessed with the Dallas Mavericks this year), you’ll appreciate the subtle basketball reference in this summer house’s living room.

2011 nba draftHouse Beautiful :: Old-Fashioned Maine Home

Do you see it? That’s a vintage basketball hoop serving as as a sculptural element on the rattan coffee table. No huge foam fingers, team colors or championship posters. Just classic American style. Like in feature blogger Brian Patrick Flynn’s Super Bowl post. Go team.

If you’re a sports fan, do you incorporate your favorite team’s merchandise or color scheme into any of the rooms in your home or is wearing a jersey during the big game as far as you’ll take it?

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  1. Mark C. says:

    I have never seen a living Room Remodel so Beautiful as this one before!

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