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Want to know a secret? Sometimes I have no idea why I like some things. Deep down in my bones I just know I like it. Simple as that.

wisteria bird chest

This Bird Chest from Wisteria is one of those pieces that confounds my normal tastes and makes me mushy inside. It’s a hand-painted reproduction of an Eastern European country chest and I would love it forever if it were mine. My other furniture might sneer at it, but I’d stick up for its folk birds and green paint any day.

What about you? Do you love anything that everyone else thinks you’re crazy for loving? Post it in the comments!


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  1. CplusE says:

    I never thought I could love a sofa like this one from Weylandts:


    Normally I prefer sleek, simple, solid color sofas, but something about all those lovely colors on this one just won me over. And I like your bird chest too, even though I usually dislike painted furniture — could my design aesthetic be changing?

  2. Mark C. says:

    This sofa is so beautiful I"ll put it in my Top Small Home Remodeling Design's.

  3. Cheri B. says:

    Not my taste at all, especially the sofa. Reminds me of a very ugly velvet quilt someone gave me for my
    first wedding.

  4. nroeder says:

    I tend to love wooden puzzle boxes and miniature boxes. My dad thinks I am crazy for having so much 'cluttered junk'.

  5. Barbara says:

    Om my goodness this is just what i've bren looking for!

  6. Pam says:

    This is really pretty and they colors match for me. I like it because it's different. And I love birds!

  7. Stephanie says:

    I have a knack for picking up unloved furniture from the side of the road… Everyone always scoffs at first when they see me dragging it into my house. But I never cease to get compliments on my "fine antiques" after I fix them up… That dresser is so beautiful! We are doing our soon to be daughters room in greens, pinks, bunnies and birds! Would you like to send us a baby shower gift? Hint Hint! =)

  8. Gloria says:

    The hand painted bird chest is a delight I could love forever. I will give it a place of honor in my home. It is unique and can never be reproduced. The artisan who made it has stamped it with his skill and craftsmanship and love of other creatures. Every time it caught my eye, I would be reminded of the value of hand made items and the sheer love, individualism and vision it took to produce such a useful piece of furniture. Shall I tell you where to send it?

  9. Frankie Miller says:

    This chest is simply put-with the birds and the delicate flowers just makes you smile. This chest is the color of green in our family room ande the birds remind me of our bird Boots that we lost last year. Could bare to get rid if her cage so I have silk flowers{greenery) inside of cage sitting on plain brown chest. This warm and friendly chest would complaint Boots cage and memory.

  10. Oyan says:

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