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I’m a huge fan of bright colors, but softer shades can also be used beautifully to decorate a room. Chalky pastels in blue, lavender, pink and green are making a comeback in interiors and for good reason. Pastels can be the perfect backdrop for darker shades. They can also be used to highlight an architectural detail or just add some unexpected color to a space. Consider using green pastels to bring a little bit of the outside in, with shades that reflect garden landscapes.

Homes & Gardens

Homes & Gardens

A simple green-blue curtain adds to the restful feel of this living room from Home & Gardens. Little hints of pastel green break up the blue and beige color scheme and bring life to this room.

Traditional Home

Traditional Home

The shade of green on this office wall sets a neutral backdrop, as seen in Traditional Home. It’s the perfect hue to highlight those amazing orange and black table lamps.

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

Interior designer Mary McDonald used pastel shades of green perfectly in this adorable bedroom featured in House Beautiful. Green accents add a pop of color against the peachy-pink walls.

Martha Stewart Living via Interiorly

Martha Stewart Living via Interiorly

Pastels can also work perfectly in the most modern of spaces. The mint sofa and side table feel completely modern when enveloped by white walls and furnishings.

So, what are you favorite pastel shades this season? Do you think you’ll bring any into your interior?

13 Responses

  1. admirkisa says:

    Very nice.. :)

  2. CplusE says:

    I really like the use of yellow walls with the light green sofa shown on this site:


    I would like to bring more touches of both colors into our home, but for me it is hard to find the perfect shades, particularly with yellow — too pale and it looks bland, too bright and I feel like I am living in a danger zone (there's a reason crime scene tape is yellow!). I feel the room in this picture got both colors just right, and I'm hoping I can do the same!

  3. pamelaslist.com says:

    Looks like HGTV is using the background color for this page :)

  4. Toronto Tiles says:

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  5. Hilary@HGTV says:

    Generally I'm not very attracted to pastel colors, but I have to admit I'm starting to change my opinion of them after seeing them used so well. They've definitely been showing up in the design world. My fave up top is the first photo for sure. It's so natural-looking!

    • Jeanine Hays says:

      I'm so glad I could help you see pastels in a new light Hilary. They can be beautiful and natural.

  6. Green is my FAVORITE color and I am always looking for inspiration for decoration. These are perfect, because too much of a bright color in a room can be overbearing. My favorite is number three. I love the idea of putting pops of bright green with pastel pink and purple. It gives the perfect contrast (because red is green's compliment, and the purple is quite warm) with out giving one a head ache.

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  8. Sandy Rekemeier says:

    so where are all the pastel furniture they speak about on tv?

  9. Hilary@HGTV says:

    No wonder I like the first photo so much. I'm so used to seeing this color from the site, it must have just grown on me without me even knowing! :)

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