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After reading the comments left in our June 24th giveaway with Eartheasy, it’s safe to say that most gardeners have the same things on their wish lists: potting benches, tillers, quality lawn mowers and composters. Our winner, Stacey, wanted something a little less flashy — just some good dirt for her second garden. Well, Stacey, you can now supplement your existing soil with nutrient-dense compost made by your Jora Jk 125 composter.


Stacey has a lucky green thumb, assuming she responds to our congratulatory message within two weeks. If she doesn’t get back to us in time, we’ll pick another winner. It may even be you!


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4 Responses

  1. Barjo says:

    Love this site

  2. Mick says:

    Hi! I'm a newbie here, but would just love to have gotten in on the Jora Jk 125 Tumbler!!! I've taken on a yard project that keeps getting bigger by the day! My "yard" is a steep hill so I'm trying to clear off the grass and weeds, apply landscape fabric (with chicken wire over it) mulch-mulch-mulch!!! I'm told the wire helps hold the mulch, true? I HOPE ! The tumbler would've been great!!!!!

  3. Barb Grewe says:

    Hello, I'm a gardener from Michigan.We have very sandy soil here,so I'm always having to add to the soil. I started composting years ago with two metal containers,always thinking I'll get a nice composter some day. Twenty plus years later I'm still using the same two containers. It works, but thats the nice composter I've dreamed of…………..mmmmmmm compost. If Miss Stacey doesn't answer, I'm always home.

  4. Oyan says:

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