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Now that the sweet smell of summer is setting in, we just can’t get enough of the fierce, saturated colors popping up EVERYWHERE. Gardens are bursting with a rainbow of bright blooms, salads are filled with vibrant seasonal fruits and veggies and everyone’s ensembles are carefree and color-filled. It’s only fitting that Lilly Pulitzer, the queen of unabashedly preppy and colorful clothing debuted her first-ever furniture line this month. Lilly Pulitzer Home is clean and classic with a fun, optimistic edge. Available at Horchow and Neiman Marcus, the line is a perfect combination of bold, statement pieces and neutral designs to effortlessly incorporate into your home.

Here are six of our favorites from Lilly’s Palm Beach-inspired furniture. (Actually, we have more, but we limited ourselves to six for this post.) What piece would you want to take home?

Lilly Pulitzer Home

Not only is the new Lilly line lovely, it’s smart! A dining room table complete with a drawer for extra cocktail napkins (pink and green of course) — brilliant! Mere words can’t do that ottoman justice. It’s made to store a substantial shoe collection. SHOES! {The clever bonus storage makes these pieces Anna’s and Karli’s picks.}

Lilly Pulitzer Home

Big and bold details are the essence of Lilly Pulitzer. Gold drawer pulls and gilded table legs give this simple desk {Kayla’s favorite} and vanity {chosen by Hilary, our intern} a fabulously feminine edge.

Lilly Pulitzer Home

A Lilly Pulitzer girl is all about living the life with her best gal pals. Entertaining comes easy with this chic daybed {a favorite of Chelsey} and these flirty barstools {loved by Lili}.

What are your thoughts on the new Lilly Pulitzer Home furniture line? Are you loving the glitz and glamour of it, or is it too flamboyant for your taste? Did any of our six favorites turn into a must-have for you?

Tell us in the comments below.

15 Responses

  1. Glitterista says:

    Love the pink bamboo chair, and that gorgeous pink dining room! :)

  2. Lisa Lettiere Logue says:

    I love the writing desk and the dining room table and the ottoman of course!! I also love the beverage/bar cart not shown! Can you click link to vote for me in Lilly contest? Thanks. <a href="http://.http://bit.ly/kQyfw6” target=”_blank”>.http://bit.ly/kQyfw6

  3. Sheila says:

    The Ottomon… Love the pockets inside and it will match anything and give any room a chic feel whether in the corner of the bedroom or in front of a large comfy Den Chair. My favorite piece by far. Looks rich.

  4. admirkisa says:

    Like princess room, I love it!

  5. HGTV_Kelley says:

    We saw this line at market and fell. in. love. It's even better in person — incredibly well crafted, with smart storage details and bonuses like fabric-inspired embellishments and lined drawers. I'd do my whole house in it if I could. ;)

  6. I love Lilly, so I love it all! My fave would be the white dining room chairs.

  7. HGTVtweensuperfan says:

    :) :D OMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK U THANK U THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!! I LUUUUUUUVVVV IT! WOWWWW!!!!!
    MY FAVORITE COLORS PATTERNS AND THEEM! wait actually i wud change all the green into yellow- maybe- its so pretty i mite keep it that color actually! OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! i wuz just on the color of the month blog n it wuznt nearly as gud az this! I WUD TOTALLY BUY THE DINING ROOM SET- if me n my family actually 8 together! haha! thx so much! :)
    *btw im spellin stuff rong on purpose!* [*david bronstad is awesome!*]

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