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These recycled (or rather upcycled) tire pots I spotted on a blog dedicated to repurposed goods caught my eye. I love the different tread patterns and the way succulents look in them. When empty, they make light weight, durable storage containers. (And cute hats!)

Pots Made From Recyled Tires by UBeauty, HGTV design blog
Sold by UBeauty, the pots are made in Pakistan from 100% recycled tires in accordance with the “Certified for Compliance of Ethical Trading Initiative.” The small workshop where they are manufactured used to be a leather-crafting shop but had gone out of business. Using traditional methods, the craftsmen now make a living producing these vessels and containers.

How would you use them? For storage? Or for indoor or outdoor container gardens?

Tell us in the comments below.


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25 Responses

  1. Hilary@HGTV says:

    Wow! Those are so cool! (And I have to say…that child sporting the tire-look is especially adorable!)

  2. Karli_HGTV says:

    I had to look twice (and very hard) to even notice the tires. Under cover repurposing!

  3. Punkin says:

    Great recycling idea !!! Oops, upcycling is what I meant to say!! Sure beats the used tire painted white flower box that I've seen in some yards !!!! Love the one with the handles!! Are these totes and pots heavy??

  4. Mary T says:

    I love the look, and I love that they are recycled, but from PAKISTAN? doesn't the USA have enough tires to recycle and create jobs here? I will buy them when Made in America!
    thanks for letting me sound off.

  5. walter ferrara says:

    Maybe you can show how it's done, or how we can create our own pot's from our used tires. That woul be nice for us here in the USA, to recycle ourselves.

  6. proudarkychristian says:

    I agree with Mary T. USA should have had these on the market at a resaonable price at Wal-Mart
    a long time ago. I do remember the "tacky" wrong side out tires painted white and used as flower
    beds from long ago. These are great — bet they withstand Arkansas weather better than having our
    terra cotta pots flake off in layers from getting too cold.

    Let' us know a place in USA we can buy these, MADE IN USA. Patsy

    • Olbupp says:

      Seriously, Wal-Mart? Sorry, but I can't agree with wishing they were at Wal-Mart. If they were there….even if someone would have acquired the tires for free, worked family members only at no pay with promise to split the profits and Wal-Mart would have paid them a penny for every $100 they charged.

      Let's hope someone makes them available at our local farmer's market….feed/seed store….garden center.

    • Mellow says:

      You might not know this, but there is at least one American company that uses old tires for sidewalks! The add it in, and find that these sidewalks last 7 times longer than regular cement ones. The have some "give" to them, so they're not only easier to walk on, but don't break where tree roots invade.

  7. CharlesGarrett says:

    Having rubber flower pots would sure solve the problem of clumsy me breaking flower pots. I would much rather have a hydroponic system for indoors with LED plant lights and another hydroponic system for out door planting. Flower pots take up too much space and are work intensive having to water and move pots full of dirt. A system that takes care of itself I can put on a timer is more for me.

    • Dean C. says:

      Charles:There are drip systems on the market, Y ou can find them at HomeDepot or Orchrd supply. Just saying.

  8. Suzanne says:

    Major toxins chemicals in tires would never grow anything in that is food.

  9. Liz says:

    They apparently have a way of getting the rubber off of the many wires that are in the tires. It would be great if someone here in Americia could do this.

    • Dean C. says:

      Liz: Im going to try to make one, Ithink they can be cut on a bandsaw. Maybe if it works i will let you know.

  10. Rafael says:

    You will have to use a bandsaw or a reciprocating saw, you dont and nor can you remove the wires. I dont see what is wrong with them being made in Pakistan or anywhere else orthers need to feed thier families just as we do. Unfortunately here in the US many of our fellow americans dont want factory jobs and if they do they want to be paid high salaries and loads of free benefits and on the other hand companies here want to pay the employees nothingand charge you an arm and a leg for products that are not worth the box or plastic they are pacaged in. Wallmart is the worse place you can shop at if you want made in the USA products.
    there are plenty of products made from recycled tires here in the US but they will cost you a bundle, after all we cant have millionair and billionair CEO's not be able to afford that extra game of golf or that weekend getaway to an exotic private island.
    The market is ready for people like us who can take what another person thinks of as junk and turn it into something useful without needing to exploit another precious resource. People will buy it for a fair price and definately if made by American hands.

    • Debbie Murphy says:

      I just love these !!!! I sure could use these in my gardens, and boy would they ever look beautiful !!!!!

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