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If you have a second (or third) bedroom that’s limited on space, chances are you’ve wondered how you could cram all the furniture you need into it.

lofted bedroom

These lofted, space-saving furnishings from Tumidei offer practical solutions for rooms that are short on square footage. In this one arrangement (several layouts are available), the bed, desk and closet and additional storage are all accounted the footprint of roughly a king-sized bed.


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  1. desty_1 says:

    That looks really cool. My wife and I were looking for something "kinda" like that with a set of bunkbeds. We were wanting a bunkbed set that had drawers and a closet. We found something like that, but only at a "rent to own" and even then they wanted $1500 for it if you were to buy the whole set outright.

    I wrote a review of a decently priced recliner, a perfect chair for a Man Cave at http://www.zombielandbooks.info/comfy-chair-for-m

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  6. Grace says:

    approximately how much it costs??

  7. Alex says:

    I really want it but I need a price

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  9. Kevin says:

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