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I’ve always been fascinated by the architectural variations from city to city. While San Francisco is recognized for its colorful Victorian row houses, you probably won’t find them along the coast of Florida or next to a Cape Cod in New England. Each city’s signature style is part of what makes our country so beautifully diverse, “from sea to shining sea.”


Architecturally-speaking, one of my favorite cities to window-shop homes is Charleston, S.C. I absolutely love the neoclassical and Greek revival style of the houses that line the old cobblestone streets. (And if you’ve never been there, you must visit Rainbow Row – a collection of colorful historic homes located along East Bay Street near the Battery.) So, if your Fourth of July plans involve traveling to either a new or familiar city, I encourage you to pay attention to the architecture you pass along the way. And if you can’t explore new places this weekend, take a HGTV virtual, all-American tour through the most influential and iconic architecture and designs our country has to offer.

Now I have to ask – what city do you feel has the most iconic American architecture? Maybe the colorful cottages of Key West or the intricate, Southern-style of New Orleans? Pueblo revival structures in Santa Fe or mid-century modern architecture in Los Angeles?

Tell us in the comments below.

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  2. Anna@HGTV says:

    I'm surprised to find myself saying this, but I would have to vote for mid-century modern houses in Los Angeles and Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Chicago. FLW houses anywhere. Maybe the Brooklyn/NYC brownstone.

  3. Karli_HGTV says:

    I love the old Southern belles: Charleston, Savannah and New Orleans. New Orleans has such a mix of styles like Georgian, Spanish Colonial and shotgun houses. I love the old, white farm houses here in East Tennessee, as well.

  4. Teresa Singletary says:

    If you haven't visited Thomasville, Georgia, you are missing a real treat. Thomasville is a small town in southwest Georgia that is full of older homes of various architectural styles. Many of the homes were built as summer "cottages" by wealthy northerners prior to the Civil War. These "cottages" contain several thousand square feet, so they aren't like the cottages in fairy tales. :) We also have many beautiful plantations here. You really should visit Thomasville and tour all of the wonderful old houses.

  5. Angelpony says:

    Since American archetecture is pretty prevalent in lots of Great Houses, I'd tend to go with my instincts and heart…Answer?…I'd probably look pretty much Anywhere Colorful History and Beauty is and has happened…….
    For Instance…
    Normal Rockwell comes to mind among the first ideas of where to go to find this type of house and home…
    The Wright Brothers come next, with Thomas Edison and Henry Ford on their heels, lol…….
    And how about The South???…OMG-they're Rich in History and Beautiful Homes-if you don't believe me-go check it out for yourself-you'll be Amazed!!!…….
    There ARE Countless Beautiful Places to go find this type of house and home…God put Diversity down here among us and in our heads for a Good Reason!!!…….
    Have Fun With This One, Guys!!!…….
    ~Angelpony 0:)…

  6. Karli_HGTV says:

    I drive through Thomasville at least once a year, Teresa! I always enjoy the drive. It seems like a very quiet, clean and safe town. Lucky you for living there!

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