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There are certain colors that pack more than visual appeal. They also evoke powerfully strong (and hopefully positive) sense memories that further our desire to include that color in our home. Some hues easily achieve this status because they also connect to a readily identifiable taste or scent. Others because they are associated with life events. We think you’ll agree, our July Color of the Month makes for a delicious and refreshing experience, whether you taste it, drink it, smell it or simply lay eyes on it. Check out our favorite indoor and outdoor decor finds that sport this color (it’s July, after all!), plus three inspirational rooms. Then let us know, what happy memory does this hue bring up for you, and how do you (or will you) incorporate it in your home? I’ve included my answers in the comments at the end. We hope you will, too!

Lime Green - HGTV Color of the Month - July
1. Sundance Teahouse laterns 2. Wisteria Borromean Rings canvas tote 3. Etsy seller dirtcouture hose clothes 4. Horchow ceramic tables + stools 5. Frontgate Melrose seating 6. Jill Rosenwald Studio Chevron #8 vase 7. Room & Board Waikiki umbrella

Lime Green - HGTV Color of the Month - July
1. Inhabit Living Big Man on Campus table lamp 2. Layla Grayce Oilo Modern Berries crib bedding 3. Greener Grass Design Krenit bowl 4. Layla Grayce Trina Turk Greek key rug 5. CB2 Clothespin chopsticks 6. Horchow Melody chairs 7. Somerset Bay Home Catalina poster bed + Montauk mirror 9. Tracy Glover Studio Prospect Hill door knob 10. Urban Outfitters Flourish Bird duvet cover 11. Bungalow 5 Jacqui tea table

bohemian living room - Designer Samantha Pynn - Lime Green - HGTV Color of the Month JulyBohemian living room :: Designer Samantha Pynn, HGTV Canada

traditional bedroom Lime Green - Designer Amanda Nisbet - HGTV Color of the Month JulyTraditional bedroom :: Designer Amanda Nisbet

Foyer - Designer Shelly Riehl David - Lime Green - HGTV Color of the Month JulyTransitional entryway :: Designer Shelly Riehl David

So, do you have a favorite lime decor item or inspirational room from our post? What enjoyable thoughts do you think of when you see the color lime, and how do you (or will you) incorporate it in your home?

Tell us in the comments below.

98 Responses

  1. Janell says:

    I love lime, especially in Samantha Pynn's room. I could live there, happily.

  2. Nidia says:

    Just amazingly beautiful, love it! love the bedding and living room. CONGRATULAITONS HGTV/DIY! One of this days I'm gonna be the winner of the HGTV house so I can decorate it beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Best regards,

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  4. Diane says:

    Absolutely love it!!!! Like the Lime and Blue best of all. It makes me fell cool and happy.

  5. Cindy says:

    As a bride in 1970, I lived in avocado land for many years. I no longer have green appliances, green dishes, green cook ware, and green shag carpet. So I think a little lime (as you are calling it) can be quite lovley, but I will never go back to harvest gold, avocado, and orange land again!! I do love the walls painted in the swirly different hues and the punch of blue with the lime. Thanks.

  6. Marilyn_from_MD says:

    You're right – - lime green should be kept as a dessert or a drink.

  7. Becky says:

    I just painted my home office in gray with one lime accent wall. I love it! Its energizing and fun. Every time I walk in the room it makes me smile. Since I spend over 40 hours a week in that room its exactly what I needed.

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  9. Favi says:

    Yum! I especially loved the purple and lime bedroom.

  10. Marjorie Randell says:

    Lime green was the favorite color of my grandmother (born in 1863!) and she often paired it with purple and lavender. When she was painting chairs, the wooden parts of a love seat, or a small table this green we, at the time in the 20's and 30's, called it "that gosh-awful green." It is my most favorite color and I often think of her, today in 2011, as I paint a lamp base and a magazine rack the lime green she loved. Your pictures and rooms are beautiful and my inspiration!

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