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Feel like your kitchen could use a makeover but don’t have a whole kitchen remodel in your budget? Try a fresh coat of paint and dressing up your tiles.

mibo tile tattoos
These waterproof Mibo Tile Tattoos can transform a blah back-splash without the investment – or the skill needed – for new tiles and grout. Even better, when your tastes change or the trends move on to a different style, just peel them off and you’re back to your original look.



34 Responses

  1. Karli_HGTV says:

    I was worried I'd only find mod geometrics in these ingenious tiles, but there site has tons of options. Lots of florals and more traditional designs that would totally work in my home!

  2. Barbara Gilbert says:

    As an interior designer, I am always looking for new ideas, this one is great! Such a simple way to solve a design dilemma!

  3. Patti says:

    Seems like quick way to redecorate any tile in any room.

  4. Carra says:

    I don't care for the stickers. They are reminders of the 50's, you know, purple tubs and pea green toilets. Not a finish I would entertain.

    • Karen says:

      Have to agree Carra………..like a flash back to the late 60's………..I remember the stickers we'd put on our cars…..lol

  5. Lavon Maestas says:

    very cute. you could chop them up and use them in all kinds of configurations like a mosaic or wild design.

  6. kaylee says:

    I thought they were beyond UGLY – too retro 60's – unless that is the theme you are going for, how about some country stuff and some tropical designs – I would totally use them in a different design.

  7. visitinafamily says:

    absolutely use them.. they are a good coverup for some ridiculous patterns in bathrooms../

  8. sashinlps says:

    Use these tile decals and it will date your home….just like those decals/stencils of ivy and checkerboard patterns did to the tops of walls. No. I would not use them. No one likes them but the people who put them up. Better to just clean your grout and/or put in some in a complimentary color of grout.

  9. DebzDesignAdvice says:

    Love Them!

  10. inspireMichelle says:

    Love them.

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