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Have you ever fallen in love with a chair at the flea market or at a thrift store only to realize it’s an orphan? What can you do with one chair? Turns out this design dilemma has a happy ending. Give that lonely chair a home, and pick up a few others in different shapes, sizes and styles. Paint them all the same color, give them matching upholstery and they’ll immediately look like they belong together.


HGTV Design Happens featured author Brian Patrick Flynn turned this eclectic bunch… into these chic, cohesive beauties. Plus, the various chair designs add visual interest to the space in a simple way. Want to recreate the look in your home? Head over to HGTV.com for the full list of materials and step-by-step instructions for this DIY repurposing project. For even more guidance, watch the how-to video with Brian Patrick Flynn. Knock it out in a weekend or over the course of a few rainy days.

And be sure to let us know how your handiwork turned out. Maybe you decided to paint eclectic furniture finds into a matching bedroom set or gave two different side tables a matching coat of paint for the living room. We want to hear all about it!

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8 Responses

  1. Anna@HGTV says:

    We have a few vintage folding wooden chairs we use with our dining room table that I'm scared for anyone who isn't rail thin to sit in. So, this project is at the top of my list. Bonus, I recently found 3 completely different chairs on Craigslist for a steal that I know would be perfect for this kind of DIY.

  2. Lili@HGTV says:

    It all looks so wonderfully pulled-together. Nice work, BPF!

  3. Kori Clark says:

    I love this post!! I am always nervous to try and bring things back to life, but it is so worth it!

  4. My sister has an "issue" with collecting random chairs. (is there such a thing as a "chair fetish"?) I'll have to pass this on to her. I may have to use it myself of course as I can't find chairs for a vintage wooden table I've reclaimed. This may be the solution.

    • Anna@HGTV says:

      I believe there is a blog called Chair Porn. Chair design is an unending world of coolness.

  5. Maureen says:

    I love this idea! I blog about re-purposing unused items (and other topics) at http://simplylivinggreen.blogspot.com/ I see a chair project in our future!! :O)

  6. Helene says:

    How would you proceed to remove wax on a pine table before applying another finish? thanks

  7. elizabeth traub says:

    I am painting an cute end table to match a coffee cup. The coffee cup is white with blue swirling pattern. I made a copy of the coffee cup, and then duplicated the image and then used carbon paper to trace onto the furniture to paint. OMGoodness, now doing the same on an old white chest. PAINT is our best friend in design. That table with all those mix matched chairs if fabulous. I think I have a new passion for chairs.

Kayla KittsKayla is a special projects editor at HGTV.com and a co-editor-in-chief for Design Happens. Kayla is an overbearing cat mom with a love for vintage-modern furniture, artisan cocktails, organizing all...


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