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With the long days of summer, I could do with a nice cold mojito like Whistlerpotpie who guessed that this week’s “What the…?” is a ”cocktail muddler.” But Laura Ostendorf answered correctly with “a toilet brush…that’s wooden for some reason?” This one happens to be made out of mahogany.

Studio Mama Skittle Toilet Scrubber :: Photographed by Richard Davies

Studio Mama Skittle Toilet Scrubber :: Photographed by Richard Davies

Designer Nina Tolstrup does amazing work with wood at her London-based shop Studiomama. Like much of Tolstrup’s creations, this household necessity is elevated by its aesthetically pleasing, modern-organic design. Tolstrup also has a passion for designing furniture out of repurposed wood palettes, a big trend in the DIY design community. Be sure to check out her awesome Palette Chandelier.

So, would you buy this design-savvy toilet brush? Or does the good ole practical plastic scrubber do the trick just fine? (I’m thinking it would be wrong not to have a beautiful toilet scrubber in a dreamy bathroom like this.)

Tell us in the comments below.


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