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Is everyone geared up for “I <3 Thrifting” Day this Saturday, July 9? Rashon’s expanding list of host cities includes Knoxville. If you haven’t heard, HGTV.com staffers are hosting the Knoxville “I <3 Thrifting” event. Other thrifting party cities are Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Houston, Phoenix, Austin, Philadelphia, Denver, LA, DC, Birmingham, Roanoke, Atlanta, Charleston, SC; Portland, OR; Toledo, OH; Raleigh, NC; Columbia, SC and Charlotte, NC.


For all the Knoxvillians, we’ve picked our destinations for Saturday. HGTV staffers are splitting into two groups — one’s hitting West Knoxville thrift stores and the other is scouring the racks at shops in Downtown/North Knoxville. Call it a bit of friendly competition. If you’re looking to join us, here’s an idea of where we’ll be:

9AM Breakfast at Panera Bread (4855 Kingston Pike – across from Kroger)

Then splitting off to thrift:

West Knoxville Group

  • KARM Bearden (5917 Kingston Pike)
  • Goodwill Bearden (5307 Kingston Pike)
  • Nostalgia (5214 Homberg Drive)

Downtown/North Knoxville Group

  • Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store (2209 North Central Street)
  • Ladies of Charity (120 W. Baxter Avenue)
  • KARM (733 N. Hall of Fame Drive)
  • Salvation Army (409 N. Broadway Street)
  • Hot Horse (108 E. Jackson Avenue)
  • Goodwill On Campus/17th Street (713 17th Street)

If you want to join up with us later in the morning, we’ll be tweeting at every location using the Twitter hashtag #ilovethrifting.

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  1. Hilary@HGTV says:

    I so wish I could join you all!

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