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Typically for a “vote-off” reality show, I know my favorite contestant approximately 20 minutes into the first episode. (Am I alone in this?) Sometimes my fave goes on to win, and sometimes I’m wrong, but it’s always fun to pick a favorite and cheer them on throughout the season (unless they’re booted off after the first challenge). I’ll be doing the same for HGTV Design Star Season 6. Tonight at 9/8c on HGTV, 12 designers will face off in competitive design challenges to win the ultimate prize — their own HGTV show. (And one will win fan favorite.) Candice Olson, Vern Yip and Genevieve Gorder will once again grace your TV screens as the tough and brutally honest judges. New to the cast this year are David Bromstad, as the design mentor, and Tanika Ray, as your lovely host.


Check out the cast bios and portfolios for a glimpse of what you can expect from the season 6 contestants. Who do you think should have an HGTV.com online show? Vote daily for your favorite design star through September 16.

Now, we want to know who’s your fave contestant and why? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Sunny says:

    The weekend shows suck!! What happened to all of the great Saturday and Sunday shows that use to be on? That is the only time I get to watch HGTV. I am SICK and TIRED of House Hunters and Virgin House Hunters. A full day of Virgin House Hunters???? Are you kidding???? And how about a few gardening shows. Isn't this channel call Home and Garden TV? Seriously, you have beat the House Hunter shows to death. Please bring back Sara's House, Candice Olsen, the show where the couples picked the colors for their room being decorated and some gardening shows. PLEASE!

    • Former Fan says:

      I agree. I used to love HGTV but I guess that they are trying to appeal to a younger demographic than I am in. I liked that kind of goofy guy with the mustache and his garden show, the Design Challenge, so many of the old shows. Absolutely don't understand why so many real estate shows. Love all things Sarah.

  2. JIm says:

    Watching HGTV and wife made comment, because she watches more programsthan me, there are no programs targeted toward the 60 years old and up. HEY HGTV!!!! We Senior Citizens have more money to spend, on our homes, than younger folks because kids are gone and we like to keep what we have. I'm not saying all of us but it would be nice to see a few programs, with advertising targeted for us, that have maybe some older host with Traditional tastes fixing up homes with with a thousand dollar limit. No feathers on walls. No black or fire engine paint. Just simple colors that are not "cool", but praticial. Think about it HGTV. I think you guys are missing the boat on drawing in an older crowd that will look at your advertising and probably buy. Oh, and we'll watch more too.

    • Rai Freels says:

      Great idea – being a senior myself – would love some ideas re: using what we have in a new way or how to get a new look without knocking out walls and spending a fortune. The other shows are fun, but, would love something that relates to our age group.

  3. Rai Freels says:

    Delighted with Meg's win- even more than I was disappointed in Emily winning last year. Many thanks to Sabrina Soto for her wonderful tip re: using auto glass cleaner on home windows – at last a streak free shine. I'm also enjoying her new show. Appreciate your listening to us asking for the look for less type show. What's next for David – I just love his shows – he adds something to any show he's on- Yea, David !!!

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