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Did you catch Anna’s July Color of the Month post last week? Lime is HGTV’s top trending hue for July, and I agree — it’s a perfect color for summer. Bright and refreshing! I shared my affection for June’s cerise in my last Color of the Month entertaining post, but I have to say that I love lime green even more. I hope you enjoy the entertaining ideas I’ve compiled to illustrate how to use this color at your next summer soiree.

lime centerpiece, lime cupcake

I love the idea of using actual lemons and limes to create centerpieces and floral arrangements. Simply fill glass vases with sliced or whole limes to add color and dimension to your arrangements. Cupcakes are always popular at celebrations, especially when they look as delicious as this key lime cupcake. And it brings new meaning to eating your greens!

green dresshair flower, dress, bracelet

Your guests will be green with envy when you welcome them to your soiree wearing one of these gorgeous green items. A simple green cocktail dress makes a bold statement. I love all the fabric flower hair accessories I’ve been seeing lately, and this lime one is perfection. Not into going green for your outfit? How about a little pop of color with this sparkly green bracelet?

green paper party productsgreen favor boxessucculent place cards, chevron invitation (free printable), ribbon envelope

Lime green is easy to incorporate in the paper elements of your event. Use invitations, like these printable chevron designs I created for HGTV that you can download here and envelopes with ribbon to tie in the color of the party. Send your guests home with small green favor boxes with nuts, candy or other treats. Another idea is to combine the party favor with a place card, as shown on these adorable potted succulents.

key lime pie, macarons, lime ice creamgreen layer cake

Continue the fresh color scheme by using dessert recipes that feature the lime hue, flavor or both. Sweets like cakes, pies, cookies and ice cream are all delicious choices to serve. Yummy…I think I’ll have a taste of each!

izze lime soda, lime sherbet punch, cocktail

Don’t forget to coordinate the beverages for your gathering. Offer a variety of drinks including lime sodas, sherbet punch and a signature cocktail like a Tom Collins, Gin and Tonic or Moscow Mule (pictured above) garnished with lime.

How would you incorporate the color lime into your events? What are your favorite colors to pair it with?

Tell me in the comments below.

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