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Break out the nachos and ball park franks, the MLB All Star game is just hours away. Today’s the day when baseball’s best join together to prove whose league reigns supreme. We here at HGTV would like you to fill out the “players” on the ultimate all-star design team. We already have a starting line-up we know plays well together, judging and mentoring the current contestants on Design Star. We’re talking about Candice Olson, Vern Yip, Genevieve Gorder and David Bromstad. That leaves openings for five more players/designers to take to the field. Who should they be?

HGTV All Star Game

HGTV All Star Game

HGTV All Star Game

HGTV All Star Game

Time to round out the team. There’s five more slots. Would you pick another designer from HGTV? Would Jonathan Adler or Sister Parish make the team? Who would make a really great pinch hitter? Who would be a guaranteed home run? We want to know!

Tell us in the comments below.

23 Responses

  1. Janice Turner says:

    Sarah, Tommy, David Bromsted Or John Giddens. It is time for Genevieve Gorder to join the private sector. She is stale and doesn't offer anything new or encouraging. Just demeaning. Vern doesn't have anything fresh, or maybe he's just afraid Genevieve will beat him up if he disagrees with him.

  2. Ewelina says:

    I share those touhghts when I watch those shows. I touhght it took buying less-than-perfect places and gradually moving up, but then again, what do I know? I remember when I was an escrow officer in Southern California before we moved wondering what these young couples would do if one of them lost their income, since they were buying homes with mortgages with payments of $4,000 or more a month. Even payments of $2000 or $2500 seem exorbitant to me. There has got to be more to life than working just to maintain a home and the big car(s).

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