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Picture the Eiffel Tower lit up against the night sky with a colorful explosion of fireworks surrounding it in the country’s patriotic hues of blue, white and red. This annual display on July 14th marks a significant event in France’s history: the start of the French Revolution in 1789 and the invasion of the Bastille. Now known as Bastille Day, this national holiday signifies the end of the monarchy and oppression for the people of France. Much like Independence Day festivities in America, the French celebrate by attending large-scale public events with parades, dances, balls, communal meals, music performances and impressive firework displays. So in honor of Bastille Day, we’ve found our favorite French-inspired treats and decor to show our love for the blue, white and red.

Bastille-Day-Patriotic-French-Desserts-HGTV-DesignHappensEiffel Tower Sundae: Future Momo; Patriotic Macarons: Pampers, Play Dates & Parties; Fireworks Cookies: The Decorated Cookie

Bastille-Day-Patriotic-French-Decor-Etsy-HGTV-DesignHappensParis Print: Etsy/Magalerie; Fleur de Lis Magnet: Etsy/Mouhot Designs; Patriotic Cockades: Craftster; Bon Appetit Pillow: Etsy/AlexandraFerguson; Cobalt Toile Napkins: Etsy/EmmaDear; Eiffel Tower Wall Art: Etsy/VinylWallAccents

Let us know how you celebrate Bastille Day. (I’ll be consuming creme brulee using this delicious recipe from Food Network.)



5 Responses

  1. Anna@HGTV says:

    That Eiffel Tower sundae is ADORABLE. I must pin it on Pinterest!

  2. Lili@HGTV says:

    As an admitted Francophile, I love everything about this. Last time I was in Paris I almost didn't come back. There are a bunch of neighborhoods here in NYC that celebrate Bastille Day, mostly with food (my favorite way to celebrate anything).

  3. Karli_HGTV says:

    Whenever the White Stripes come on my Pandora station, the site provides me with this fun fact, "The White Stripes formed on Bastille Day in 1997." Since they are not French and have no direct French influences, I can't help but ask, "Pandora, why is this relevant?"

    But this yummy post, it's totally relevant.

  4. SusaninNJ says:

    July 14th is my birthday and our wedding anniversary. This year we saw Midnight in Paris… loved it… and had crepes. Tonight they are "storming the Bastille" at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia… hope to be there.

  5. Chung Merrow says:

    very interesting topic, outstanding post.

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