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Have you been missing the Novogratz? Cortney, Bob, their seven children and their eclectic, one-of-a-kind designs are coming to HGTV … tomorrow! Tune in to the premiere of Home by Novogratz at 10/9c to see the husband and wife design team create customized and over-the-top fabulous spaces from total gut jobs for their hip clientele. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect this season — eclectic retro, edgy contemporary, mid-century mod, surfer chic, ultra fem and more.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for the premiere of Home by Novogratz at 10/9c on HGTV. In the meantime, check out Cortney and Bob’s trendy product picks in HGTV MarketPlace.

Do you ever wonder how Cortney and Bob balance the design world with raising seven kids? Do you think that the “controlled chaos” helps fuel their design creativity? Tell us in the comments below.

85 Responses

  1. jcroffitt says:

    I love these two. Have seen many of their designs everywhere. As for me, i am tired of the house hunting shows and tired of all the scripted shows. What the channel is more REAL designs for everyday living, SICK of the fantasy homes and the reproduction of how we should live!

  2. bairmar says:

    Just started watching and what a disappointment. I was not impressed and will not be watching the rest of their season. Poor choice HGTV. : (

  3. Ted says:

    This was not HGTV's best effort.

  4. 4boys4mom says:

    I really don't know what to say (and I don't mean that in a good way)….I don't think the majority of the HGTV viewers will find their style appealing. Never watched them on Bravo, but it couldn't be any worse than the show I saw tonight. They seem like nice people, couple, and family, but not very realistic in their design. YUK!!!

  5. Katfish says:

    I love this show, so creative! I am so tried of all the run of the mill design. BORING! Let's think outside the box a little.

  6. Momchic says:

    I'm saying NO to the Novogratz! I do not like this show at all. The design is more like carnival design gone bad. The wallpaper in one episode was so poorly executed. I felt bad for the homeowner. The first designer on current "Design Star" show was kicked off for poor execution of her wallpaper project. Please do the same for this show and cancel it. Disappointed.

  7. Noreen says:

    I have not yet seen them on HGTV. However, their show on Bravo
    was stupendous!!!!!! They are so "out of the box" with design. New, refreshing,
    whimsical, fun, etc. etc. Very likeable personalities and great kids. If this new
    show is so bad – go back to the Bravo format. I love this family.

  8. Joan says:

    The show is fine. But I would never hire them just from their appearance. Courtney's hair always looks stringy and like it needs to be washed. Surely they have someone who can style her hair. If not, send her over to 'What not to Wear". They have great people for hair and makeup.

  9. PAM says:

    What a disgustin show. Who are they designing for 4 year olds. I won't be watching again

  10. Tracy says:

    I am so glad to find you all! I googled, "home by novogratz bad" and found you. I was SO disappointed. I tried both shows, too. Their designs are straight up cheesy. I cannot BELIEVE that they have their own show. Cancel it, please! I'll take Candice, Sarah and the staging shows with Sabrina and Tanya.

Kayla KittsKayla is a special projects editor at HGTV.com and a co-editor-in-chief for Design Happens. Kayla is an overbearing cat mom with a love for vintage-modern furniture, artisan cocktails, organizing all...


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