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What do you get when you infuse an average paper lantern with a serious dose of flower power? Anthropologie’s Rhododendron Chandelier is a beautiful answer to that question.

Anthropologie rhododendron lantern

Though the pendant is a big ball of blooms, the organic texture and ivory color remind me more of stony coral than the plant for which it was named. Or a pretty (albeit crinkly) polyhedron, if you want to get all math-y about it. But no matter what you think it resembles, its tranquil glow is sure to make any room blossom.

10 Responses

  1. Terry Molnar says:

    I love the beautiful paper hanging lamps that are on the market now. They fit into nearly any decor and make a unique and beautiful addition to a room. I might have to have one!!!

  2. briana says:

    I want one! They are so gorgeous!

  3. maureen says:

    ithey are so cute i want one!!!!!! love it!!!!

  4. Anna@HGTV says:

    For $900, I'm determined to figure out how to DIY this…it is jaw-dropping gorgeous!

  5. Briana@HGTV says:

    @Anna@HGTV: I had the same idea. (Oddly, my first thought was inverted paper cocktail umbrellas?) If you can rig something up or find a less expensive version, keep us updated!

  6. Jason Patton says:

    Hey, Briana. These lights are amazing. I'm positive I could figure out a cheaper way to orchestrate them though. I'm thinking mini doilies and a tbd frame. If I'm not mistaken, the bed in the pic is being supported by old surveying "chains". A very cool (but expensive) look. Thanks so much of the ideal.

    Jason Patton
    Flex Seal Representative

  7. Carolyn says:

    Are these fire-safe?

    • Briana@HGTV says:

      Hi Carolyn,

      Not sure specifically about the Anthro light, but I did manage to find an equally lovely option on Etsy here. The seller says: "Because the light bulb is inside the existing paper lantern, there is minimal risk of fire, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to use a CFL light bulb, which will stay cooler than an incandescent, plus save you money on your electric bill!" Hope that helps.

  8. anna@HGTV says:

    Oh, yes, the cocktail umbrella one is lovely. I love the sharp effect of the spokes (spine?) of the cocktail umbrella in contrast to the floral papers. Now I just need a room to put it in. Thanks for the link!

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