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Hi everyone. Filming Home by Novogratz has been so much fun. Every episode we shoot allows us to meet new interesting people and work our vintage/modern, high/low, “no rules” design magic on their places. Instant makeovers can be stressful, but the energy and spirit of our fabulous crew and the reactions of psyched homeowners make it all worthwhile. It’s similar to how Robert and I are raising our seven kids — controlled chaos!

Cortney + Rob - Home by Novogratz – HGTV design blog
Here’s Robert and me with Deborah and Katherine Chen, two amazing sisters and our first clients. They bought an inexpensive house in rough shape in Far Rockaway, New York so they can enjoy weekends at the beach surfing. What do they want? A playful, girly beach pad. Their design inspiration? Betsey Johnson! Taking Deborah and Katherine’s cues, we knew exactly what to do. The staircase is the first thing you see when you enter their house.

striped stairs - Home by Novogratz – HGTV design blog

We chose to stripe the stairs for a real “wow” factor. (If you’re on a super-tight budget like us, with some colorful paint, you can tackle anything!) We measured the stripes for the stairs using painters tape and decided to go vertical. Three different shades of pink (their favorite color) with one pale blue one, and it looks amazing! The sisters love their new house , and I’m sure they have the most playful staircase in all of Rockaway.

Betsey Johnson - Ghost Girl - Home by Novogratz – HGTV design blog
If you haven’t seen the show, when you do, I think you’ll agree that Deborah and Katherine’s home is now light and airy with a cool beachy feel. It’s also packed with spunk and funky touches, like the kitchen renovation with a pink stove and baby blue vintage fridge and their new bedroom featuring Ghost Girl images put there by hand by world-famous graffiti artist Matt Siren.

Home by Novogratz Episode One

For next Saturday’s episode on July 23, we head down to the basement for a family playroom perfect for kids and adults. But first, here’s another picture of Deborah and Katherine’s pink surfer chic living room. What do you think? Love the stairs and the pillows? So Betsey.

Tell me in the comments below.

147 Responses

  1. reetsarama says:

    Gack, tonights episode was like a nasty thrift shop entered their apartment!

  2. Michelle says:

    I really need to hire them! Anyone know how?

  3. Patricia says:

    HGTV- the majority of the comments for these "self-taught designers" is negative!!!
    Did they get all of their friends to write the "love the show" comments. A good designer
    meets the clients needs while using good design sense and balance. These two fill their
    spaces with random items – throw in an artist's piece – and claim that design is in the eye
    of the beholder. No – that is Art – Not Interior Design! These home owners have to live in the
    spaces you create – do not think you are so artistically above everyone that your designs are
    just mis-understood.
    have to liv

  4. comeonman says:

    Although I do enjoy seeing some of the things the Novogratz's come up with, I will never hire them or recommend them to anyone. On Courtney's facebook page, she is a fan of blaming the US Government for 9/11. Look it up for yourself if you don't believe me! I find that I will never give any money or air time to someone who actually believes 9/11 was caused by us! That act was purposely planned, practiced, and implemented by terrorists with the lifelong goals of killing as many Americans as they possibly can. Boo on them for blaming us for something that lunatics carried out. They won't be getting my viewing time or money.

  5. K.C. says:

    I'm not a fan of the Novogratzs design work. They find some interesting objects, but just because they like to shop, does not mean that they are good designers. Their philosophy of "no rules" seems to mean that they pack their shopping finds into a room with no regard to how the finds look together. The music room they made over at a school cost $50,0000, yet the sad looking walls, shelves, and ceilings had seemingly not even been touched. Plus, they merely painted the original closet doors with stripes. Or I should say their painters did. The Novogratzs don't like to get their hands dirty. They weren't even there to redesign much of the athlete's room at Paul Pierce's his High School in LA

  6. Jack Barber says:

    The show where they get their country home ready was terrible. No body paints a house without power washing it first. You could see the dirt coming right through the paint. If I was looking for a designer and saw that, they would not be a designer I would use.

  7. Arav says:

    This is really a new dimension of painting a floor. I liked the innovative idea. Now the stairs are also a medium to become creative with it. This will surely encourage the renovation

  8. Denise says:

    These two are a hot mess and so are there designs!!! I have not seen one design that I liked. Hope they can still get back there day Jobs! Not a fan!

    • cherrylipgloss says:

      you know what bothers me most??….it's the lack of balance in their design…..the rooms are too 'heavy' in some places and too 'light' in others.

  9. Patricia says:

    Do they reply themselves with fictional names and ask about the products in their horrific designs to impress HGTV so they do not get canned?

  10. In my opinion says:

    Novogratz suck. I don't know how they consider themselves to be designers. And, Bob is the biggest douchebag ever.

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