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For the past three weeks, soccer fans have been glued to the TV to see who would take home the title of FIFA Women’s World Cup champions. And after the nerve-wracking final match between Japan and the US on Sunday, the Japanese players were officially declared the 2011 Women’s World Cup champions after an intense 2-2 draw. Although my personal experience with soccer lasted just one season at the age of five (most of my time was spent playing in the dirt and watching the ball roll past me), I love watching the three-week tournament. So, whether you’re a longtime soccer fan or a “football” newbie like me, you can show your love for the sport in a chic way — less black and white, more modern geometric replicas.


Etch Pendant (designed by Tom Dixon); Etch Candle Holder (designed by Tom Dixon); Coral Pendant (designed by David Trubridge)

I couldn’t believe it when I found these soccer ball-inspired beauties at Design Within Reach (DWR). Whether designer Tom Dixon meant to mirror the truncated icosahedron shape or the geodesic structure of the classic soccer ball is a mystery, but they are certainly gorgeous, especially in a glowing brass hue. And for those who enjoy a perfectly spherical interpretation, check out designer David Trubridge’s caramel-colored pendant made from sustainable Moso plywood. Although the piece was inspired by arctic ice crystals and underwater coral designs, those with soccer fever can’t help but see the black and white ball.

We want to know, how do you show your love for the sport of “football” in your home?

Tell us in the comments below.

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