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We almost had you guys stumped this week, but Nikki figured it out with “a place to organize office supplies.” I can easily see how Megan got “a cellphone docking station,” with all of the technology-savvy decor we have these days. And while this serene desk organizer looks like it’s one piece of folded blue rubber, you won’t believe what material it is made out of!

Anthropologie Desk Pencil Holder

The Anthropologie Desk Boat is handmade in Argentina from recycled leather by the company VacaValiente. They practice a technique that bonds leather fibers from industry waste that would typically end up in landfills and instead upcycle it into pliable sheets. (Did you know that most high-end books have binds made with this same bonded leather?) VacaValiente then uses the bonded leather sheets in their enchanting minimalist design creations, including animals and origami.

Could you use the whimsical Desk Boat for the office supplies scattered about your desk?

Let us know in the comment area below.

3 Responses

  1. Megan says:

    Neat! I definitely could use something like this…my current supplies holder is an atrocious product of the 80's and is not only hard on the eyes, but also not the most functional item I've come across. Hopefully they have it in white!!

    • Hilary@HGTV says:

      Oh the 80's were wonderful for non-functional products and huge hair. I haven't found a white VacaValiente item yet– mostly blue and red. But that would look really cool. I hope you find one!

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