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Do you suffer from flooring envy? Perhaps you bought a house, like me, where for some unknown reason the previous owners installed different hardwoods in different rooms for no logical reason. Or maybe some person in your family (who shall not be named) spilled nail polish/wine/nail polish remover/mustard/you name it on the carpet you’ve been meaning to replace. Others of us strategically place slippers by the side of the bed during the winter because our search for the ideal area rug so far has been a bust, and those floors are sooo cold at six in the morning. We…we are the ones who, when we visit another person’s home, notice gorgeous flooring with great longing. We marvel at the glow of hardwoods. (Yes, they can glow.) We desire a barefoot run across our host’s welcoming carpet. We experience awe at how one area rug has the power of an instant makeover.

Well, there’s no more need to suffer from flooring envy. Thanks to HGTV HOME Flooring by Shaw, a variety of stylish designer flooring options now available nationwide at authorized Shaw retailers. I spent some time online window shopping the new HGTV HOME Flooring by Shaw collection, and here’s what I fell in love with instantly:

Carpet Flooring by ShawCarpet is all about elegant colors, patterns and textures that fill a home with warm, welcoming feelings as well as durable, stain resistant comfort that encourages relaxed living.

Area Rugs by ShawWhether you’re looking for an instant makeover or a seasonal change, area rugs have the power to transform a room. Make a big or subtle design statement with your choice of color and pattern.

Hardwood Flooring by ShawHardwoods bring distinction to a home and a natural touch that can be enjoyed for decades.

Laminate Flooring by ShawLaminate offers active families a variety of stylish and affordable looks that stand up to everyday wear and tear.

Visit www.hgtvhome.com and let us know… are you inspired by the new HGTV HOME Flooring by Shaw collection? Will you finally install those new hardwoods? Add wow to your living room or bedroom with a new area rug?

Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Kayla Kitts says:

    Now that my home has gorgeous tile in the kitchen and connected dining area (plus the bathrooms and laundry room), I'm suddenly feeling the need for an area rug – pronto! It helps that it's summer, but once winter gets here those babies are going to be ice cold. Plus, my yellow dining set looks a little bare, and it should be the center of attention. I think an area rug could really spice that whole area up. My faves are the two middle shots in the rug collage above.

  2. Hilary Johnson says:

    Oh hardwood floors…they're so beautiful. I just don't see them anywhere in my near future and it kind of makes me sad.

  3. Cindi Perrin says:

    OH"The Hard Wood Flooring Is Beautiful& With A Big Throw Rug With colors Would Be So Inviting.I can Only dream To Have Something Like That One Of These Days.You Guys Could Make My dumpy looking House look Like A Million Bucks.And To Take The Inside Outside Would Be a miracle Come True.But I never Win nothing.I'm Not That lucky.But I did Get My Pool& love Spending my Time Outside.You Guys Are The Best.Love To Watch HGTV Daily!!

  4. Amazing post with awesome Images,we can take some idea for our home. thanks a lot for sharing.

  5. Pam H-H says:

    We just installed a Shaw laminate flooring this summer. What a difference to the look and feel of our home. Even my eighteen year old son, who had been bemoaning the fact we were spending money to replace what he considered to be perfectly good carpeting, said, "I really like the feel of the house now. It was worth the money." The area rugs make it even more inviting.

  6. Deb in Michigan says:

    We are considering installing Shaw laminate flooring in our cottage, but when the salesperson heard that we do not heat it in the winter when we are not there, she said that the warranty would be voided as Shaw does not warranty flooring in unheated homes. Now we are unsure which way to go with this project. Has anyone else faced this dilemma? We were told that there is a possibility the flooring could shift or buckle. The cottage is located in Northern Michigan where it can get down into the single digits or even below zero during winter. Then we come up & heat the place for a few days, so there is the issue of thermocycling.

  7. Desperate says:

    Need help with laminate flooring. No money. Hurricane Katrina victim. Moved to Houston. Hate the current carpet – carpet is murder on my allergies. Love Shaw flooring (laminate).

  8. Jan Chambers says:

    I received an e-mail on my phone that a sale on one room of flooring was available. I believe it was for 12×15 room. I was interested and wanted to know more about it.

  9. Shirley says:

    Be wary of those telemarkets selling you one room of flooring…usually it has been my experience that the one free floor cost you buying more rooms for a higher price. You can get a great deal on Shaw if you check around and the qualoity id always there. Good luck with your flooring.

  10. Roxanne says:

    Is HGTV doing a Flooring By Shaw giveaway contest? I can't seem to find the link and our flooring seriously needs help!!!

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