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Living spaces are so difficult for me to decorate, as it’s really hard to find the right combination of completely comfortable, quiet and calming yet still relatively inspiring. Fortunately, Ken and I nailed it with our recent makeover. I think you’re going to be very, very pleased!:

What do you think? Could you live in a monochromatic living room? How do you like finished design compared to my mood board? And who wants to guess how old that TV is?

Tell me in the comments below.

22 Responses

  1. Martha says:

    I admire the discipline of a monochromatic living room and I think yours looks fantastic, but it definitely isn't for me! I'm going to guess that TV is from 2002, I had friends in college who had one very similar. I guess the TV is there till you build the theatre in the basement? :)

  2. erin loechner says:

    ha — YES!!!! :) you win.

  3. Bets says:

    At least your TV is smaller than ours! I love it. Inspiring video, you make it look so easy!

    Where did you get those awesomely big white frames? Hard to find locally, let me tell you! Poster size frames are usually JUNK.

  4. Gail says:

    YEAHHH!!!! It looks B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L (confession – I'm sleep deprived and I spelled that wrong – had to go back! haha)

    Love your comment about how furniture may not work out — I KNOW THAT FEELING :) I need to finish those finishing touches in my own living room!

    Well done you two!

  5. @quirk says:

    You guys make awesome videos.

  6. CplusE says:

    Your 2002 TV is ancient? Then our 30-year-old clunker must be prehistoric! xD It still works fine, though, as long as the trees around our property aren't blocking the satellite signal. We're just not very high-tech, I guess — we even have cell phones that we haven't bothered to activate (it's been over two years now!). I love your monochromatic room, although I doubt that I would have the discipline to maintain something like that. Some colorful piece would eventually work its way in despite my best efforts. I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!

  7. erin loechner says:

    thank you so so so much, friends!

    @bets — believe it or not, ken crafted those frames himself. he's quite handy to have around! :)

  8. Awesome. Truly powerful and inspiring. At least for me. I'm glad you had a positive breastfeeding experience. Experience is good! Choice is also really good. So despite your choice to go to formula for the benefit of yourself and your *whole* family, it's still nice that you got to have a positive BF experience at the same time.

  9. Brian Patrick Flynn says:


  10. erin loechner says:

    thank you so so so much, friends!

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