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America is in the midst of a superhero craze with the recent release of Captain America: The First Avenger and the after effects of Comic-Con. While I’ve always been a fan of fictional superheroes and their ongoing save-the-day adventures, I prefer real-life superhero moments of the design kind. Some have been best friends who’ve rescued me from style mishaps and design tragedies of epic proportions. HGTV’s David Bromstad ranks up there, too. But my most amazing superhero design moment is all thanks to Mom during my recent move.

Marvel-Superheroes-Captain-America-Candice-Olson-David-Bromstad-HGTV-DesignHappensSuperheros of Marvel Characters, Inc.

Going from a studio to a two-bedroom apartment meant that except for a bedroom set, life in my new home began with every other room pretty much bare. Then, Mom came to the rescue! She handed over a favorite sofa of hers, side tables, a coffee table, artwork for the walls and home decor she felt would look better in my pad than hers. Like Clark Kent in a phone booth, my new place transformed into home. And if it wasn’t for her, I’d probably still be sitting on crates on the floor in front of the television.

What is your most memorable design superhero moment? Did someone bravely stop you from covering your floors in puke-green carpet? Or did a particular Candice Olson design tip completely inspire you to transform your living room into a stylish masterpiece? Maybe you are a self-identified design superhero?

Tell us your story in the comments below.


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  1. bethevenson says:

    Kayla, my design super hero is without a doubt my mom! She has given me great ideas! When I was young, she made a wall hanging from an old wooden crate lid, and decoupaged 2 old London pictures on it. I have it up on my wall now, and I cherish it!
    One Christmas she made a winter wonderland out of an old tree trunk, that she sprayed with fake snow.
    I have beautiful dishes in my china cabinet and an old cedar chest that she has given me.
    My mom is my super hero that has given me inspiration to decorate and design for myself!!^_^

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  3. Toni Scallion says:

    As a single mom with limited income. I have been blessed with a vivid imagination. I can generally look at something and figure out how to do it. I am inspired by Candace Olsen a lot. I have used a lot of her ideas helping friends decorate their homes. It is a kind of hobby for me. I love to help people with their decorating delimas. I am happy to see the high low project coming to HGTV. It reminds me of sensible chic which was on of my favorite show.

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