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I’m on the hunt, with the power of John Wayne and William Shatner combined, in hot pursuit of an alien-cowboy fusion room. You see, a few brave directors have traversed the Sci-Fi Western film genre. There’s Michael Crichton who directed Yul Brynner in Westworld (1973). Don’t remember that one? More likely you’ve heard of Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens opening in theaters today. Ticket sales will tell if gun-slinging cowboys and planet-crashing aliens can co-exist on the silver screen. The bigger question is…can the two motifs work together in interior design?

Cowboys & AliensCowboys & Aliens – Universal Studios

Thus, my mission.

Cowboys & AliensRustic Dining Room: The Pioneer Woman; Adobe Seating Area: Jamie Durie; Cacti Sculpture: Jamie Durie

I knew finding cool spaces with cowboy flair would be a cinch. Whether it’s Southwest Pueblo, honky tonk or rustic ranch chic, Americans “from sea to shining sea” love Western style.

Cowboys & Aliens

Alien-inspired interiors proved a little harder to drum up. Sure, there are plenty of spaceship and robot rooms for little boys, but I needed full-on Alien vs. Predator style for this post. There aren’t many who specialize in this particular look; Iraqi designer Zaha Hadid appears to have single-handedly filled this void with her innovative and out-of-this-world buildings and interiors. But the aliens in Cowboys & Aliens are serious baddies, and I don’t get that vibe from Zaha Hadid’s work.

Cowboys and Aliens

Something more sinister awaited me in this Swiss bar designed by HR Giger. The primeval biomechanical design is freaky deaky. Alien skeletons, catacomb walls, spinal chairs — right on! Cowboy-alien designs can’t be far away, right?

But hours of thumbing through search results and design mags produced zilch. After traveling to both ends of the themed-design spectrum, I’m still holding out hope that an alien-cowboy fusion room exists (and not in a galaxy far, far away).

Have you witnessed any sightings? Or, should we leave this match-up in the capable hands of Hollywood art directors and set decorators?

Tell us in the comments below.


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  1. CplusE says:

    This is the best example I could find of science fiction western interior design:


    The furniture is leather, heavy, and oversized, just like typical western furniture, but looks to be made from creatures not of this earth! Be sure to check out the rest of Haillard's collection, any one of which I think would look right at home in a Tim Burton movie!

    "Westworld" was pretty good, but my favorite is "The Valley of Gwangi" — cowboys versus dinosaurs! It is no Oscar contender, but there are a lot of beautiful horses (I'm a horse lover), and the movie even features a Ray Harryhausen-created Eohippus (prehistoric horse):


    Horses and dinosaurs — my idea of movie perfection! xD

  2. HGTV_Kelley says:

    Don't forget the short-lived space Western Firefly! (Hello, hotness that is Nathan Fillion.) And while I appreciate the Giger bar, it scares me too much to actually drink there. ;)

  3. Karli_HGTV says:

    I would totally go to that bar and make it "my scene" if I lived in Switzerland. I'm creepy like that. Probably would not hang out in the catacomb alcove though. I'll stick to the skeleton chairs.

  4. anna@HGTV says:

    Got to love Ray Harryhausen! That Michel Haillard furniture is pretty creepy, cool. Good design sleuthing CplusE!

  5. alisonjb says:

    WOW! What timing. I just hit upon this theme for my 7 y.o.'s new room. He had already picked SW "Mexican Sand" as his wall color, then he picked out an outer space themed ceiling fan. I was grumbling about how I'd mix these two elements together, since the wall paint is only a few weeks old, when I thought of Cowboys vs. Aliens. I guess I'm not as original as I thought.

  6. DeeNunn says:

    My husband and I bought a very cool property in the High Desert of Central Oregon. We'll move there in two to three years (after renting it out). We have two pieces that I plan to furnish it with – a saddle on a horseshoe stand, and a nailhead-trimmed leather couch. We are fans of SyFy and I would like to add something "spacey" into the mix without being just plain weird. This blog has inspired me to start thinking about this unique combination NOW.

  7. @studio_chat says:

    I think at some point Hollywood will sell these sets, maybe to reinvent other more futuristic. Postscript: I just saw Cowboys & Aliens on HBO

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