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The royal wedding, Kate and Will’s tour of North America, The King’s Speech and Harry Potter mania have created a new British invasion. What better way to get your Anglophile on than with these charming Union Jack pillows from Henry Road? The vibrant red, white and blue palette provides a pop of color that’s perfect in traditional and contemporary homes alike. Add a couple of these to your living room, and you’ll be singing “God Save the Queen” in no time.

Union Jack Pillows

To be entered for a chance to win one of four pillows, simply leave us a comment in the field below before 12/11c Monday, August 1. (That’s right, there will be four winners!)

This week’s question: When it comes to design, what’s your favorite national or state flag? Wales’ big red dragon? The colorful design of South Africa? How about the symbolic red sun on New Mexico’s state flag?

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202 Responses

  1. summer bonner says:

    I will always love the United States of America but I also like Britain and Texas Flag..

  2. winky mull says:

    My favorite is the Union Jack. Ever feel like somethings just calls to you. I drive a Mini Cooper, favorite band is the Beatles, and since a 3 week trip thru England and Ireland several years ago, the only beer I'll drink is Strongbow. All very strange for someone from the deep south.

  3. @agentla says:

    The United States of America is one to display proudly in any home. But the Union Jack is iconic, graphic and lovely!

  4. erica best says:

    I love the Usa flag best.

  5. Sarah Beth says:

    soo Hawt

  6. Marcia says:

    I have a friend from "across the pond" and I'm sure she would enjoy the Union Jack!

  7. Kathleen says:

    My husband is British, so we have a St. George's Cross flag hanging up in our den. We both love the Union Jack as part of his heritage.

  8. Johanna says:

    There is something about the Union Jack flag that catches my attention. It's iconic and so very English, whatever that means!

  9. Rachelle says:

    Ever since my hubby and I went to London and Paris for our honeymoon last summer, I have been obsessed with England and France. Watching the Royal Wedding was particularly exciting because I got to see the places that I had just visited only months before, like Westminster Abbey. I love the Union Jack as decor and have been looking for ways to implement it more into my home. I also have dreams of one day owning a Mini Cooper with a Union Jack painted on top. I don't think I'll ever be able to convince my hubby to move to Europe, but I think he'll compromise with these cute pillows.

  10. rachel says:

    I love these!! They really add a pop to any decor!

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