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David and Jane Cohen finally moved into their dream apartment, one with big, beautiful windows filled with stunning views of Manhattan, a terrace perfect for entertaining and other architectural details that made the it distinctive. But their temporary furnishings were too neutral and bland, really, making the penthouse a big white box. Far from the colorful home Jane and David wanted it to be.

Rob’s and my goal was to take their design sky high with a vibrant and timeless eclectic look. We mixed contemporary furnishings with vintage pieces. And to make their new home really pop, we used metallics to reflect the New York City skyline and bold blasts of color in the furniture and art to make the space really fantastic.

BEFORE ___________ AFTER
Home by Novogratz - HGTV - before and after - NYC Penthouse Apartment

Since we were working with 18 foot ceilings, hanging the six mod gold lights of varying sizes that we found at ABC Carpet and Home made for a much more dramatic statement than a single chandelier would. And by hanging them at different heights, they can be enjoyed from below, as you are walking up the stairs and from the second floor.
Home by Novogratz - HGTV - NYC Penthouse Apartment

The art, including a piece David and Jane already owned positioned next to the silver chesterfield and the “figure of speech” painting we commissioned by artist Cristina Vergano hung above the stairs, gives the apartment a quirky and smart jolt of character.
Home by Novogratz - HGTV - NYC Penthouse Apartment

We found the Philippe Starke inspired marble dining table at Modani, as well as the silver Croco Louis-style chairs. The oval shape allows for more seating, a perfect fit for the space. We scored the mint green 40s chairs, navy Deco chairs and Harry Bertoia chairs at Adelaide.

To make your own environment pop with character, invest your budget in bright throw pillows, a colorful carpet, unusual art (it doesn’t have to be expensive!) and lots of funky vintage furniture mixed with contemporary pieces. Remember, big walls need big art and cool accessories help define a space in a more exciting way.

79 Responses

  1. Patti Bradford says:

    I teach residential design at a university in Memphis, TN. Saw this Saturday's show, July 29 for the first time. WOW! Love what you did with the space. I would love to know the source for the "Family" rug. It was fabulous in the space and brought the entire design together. Thanks
    Patti Bradford

  2. Melinda says:

    I love ~ love ~ love this design… You guys are awesome… I really the love the Family rug which I'm surprised the couple didn't mention… Every single element of this design was perfect… I would love u guys design my home..


  3. ogclan6 says:

    Home by Novogratz is a joke of a design show. There is no design, there is only the disregard of the owners' personal taste and spontaneous shopping. Nothing is "designed", no preplanned layouts, no custom shelving/furniture. Spaces are not made to be livable. Vern Yip and Candice Olsen are stirring in their designer sheets at night at the thought of these two clowns having their own show. Last time I checked going shopping for 2 hours and throwing everything together in a space with some crazy colors is tacky, but that is just me. Please stop wasting my HGTV time.

    • Rich says:

      You have to be kidding. They ask the owners at the beginning of show what they like. At the reveal, it seems as if owners are happy with the results. I don't think they are there to remodel the place, besides I'm sure Vern would like their contemporary layout. Since you don't like too much color, you probably hate "color splash" even more.

  4. Annie says:

    I like their use of used pieces…and yes wild colors, but their design is Eclectic….Remember the show is only 1/2 hour. To each their own! I like them.

  5. CplusE says:

    I actually like their old furniture but agree that it did nothing for their new apartment. The makeover really enhances the light and airy feel of the space. The only issue I have is that 800-pound gorilla in the room — the big black rectangle of a TV hanging in front of that fabulous white wall of windows. It was the first thing I noticed in both the before and after pictures, and not in a good way. I missed the show last night so maybe there was an explanation, but it would have been nice if a creative way had been found to diminish its presence in the room (hidden as a pop-up in a piece of furniture, perhaps?). Maybe TV manufacturers should take a cue from cell phone and lap top makers and offer a variety of attractive covers for TV screens!

  6. Hi Cortney,

    I never miss your show, always love watching it. The space of last night's show was already beautiful so I think this was an easy task. But I still enjoyed watching you shop for it and it's always nice how you add that extra splash of color. I agree with CplusE -the TV…
    Great show and nice ideas! Thanks,

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Artress

  7. beachdeb says:

    Loved the NY apartment, beautiful colors, design and furniture. Too bad modern design furniture is so expensive. I will be keeping their show on my TIVO …

    • Anna@HGTV says:

      Modani has some pretty impressive sales. Now, if you don't live in NYC, LA or Miami, then shipping comes into play. Otherwise, worth keeping an eye on.

  8. WENDI says:

    I have to have that FAMILY rug! It's perfect for a room I'm doing. If anyone knows where to get it I would love to know.

  9. stanley says:

    I loved the blue sofa and would like to know where to find it.

  10. tawnya says:

    I want to know where to get the black and white outdoor rug. Loved it!! Does anyone know???

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