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David and Jane Cohen finally moved into their dream apartment, one with big, beautiful windows filled with stunning views of Manhattan, a terrace perfect for entertaining and other architectural details that made the it distinctive. But their temporary furnishings were too neutral and bland, really, making the penthouse a big white box. Far from the colorful home Jane and David wanted it to be.

Rob’s and my goal was to take their design sky high with a vibrant and timeless eclectic look. We mixed contemporary furnishings with vintage pieces. And to make their new home really pop, we used metallics to reflect the New York City skyline and bold blasts of color in the furniture and art to make the space really fantastic.

BEFORE ___________ AFTER
Home by Novogratz - HGTV - before and after - NYC Penthouse Apartment

Since we were working with 18 foot ceilings, hanging the six mod gold lights of varying sizes that we found at ABC Carpet and Home made for a much more dramatic statement than a single chandelier would. And by hanging them at different heights, they can be enjoyed from below, as you are walking up the stairs and from the second floor.
Home by Novogratz - HGTV - NYC Penthouse Apartment

The art, including a piece David and Jane already owned positioned next to the silver chesterfield and the “figure of speech” painting we commissioned by artist Cristina Vergano hung above the stairs, gives the apartment a quirky and smart jolt of character.
Home by Novogratz - HGTV - NYC Penthouse Apartment

We found the Philippe Starke inspired marble dining table at Modani, as well as the silver Croco Louis-style chairs. The oval shape allows for more seating, a perfect fit for the space. We scored the mint green 40s chairs, navy Deco chairs and Harry Bertoia chairs at Adelaide.

To make your own environment pop with character, invest your budget in bright throw pillows, a colorful carpet, unusual art (it doesn’t have to be expensive!) and lots of funky vintage furniture mixed with contemporary pieces. Remember, big walls need big art and cool accessories help define a space in a more exciting way.

79 Responses

  1. jordy says:

    The apartment was wonderful before the "decorators" got their hands on it and made it into some sort of "70's retro trash." David and Jane you've been taken!!!

  2. Michele says:

    LOVE the Novogratzs! Haven't missed an episode yet. Regarding this specific episode… I saw the vintage colored barware glasses on the cart. I have these same glasses. I bought them at an estate sale in Edina, MN way back in 1997. I know nothing about them. I would love to know anything about them. Thank you in advance for your response.

  3. bbb says:

    Bravo has been Novogratzed! Wonderful. Put them in charge of programing. It would pump up Bravo for sure.

  4. Cali meets mountains says:

    I have LOVE your work, watching your family and my family is thrilled to see you back on TV! I would love to know where you found the chairs at your dining table? The white with the nail head trim & the table is really fabulous! Leave the city & come out to Denver, we would love to have a design "play date!"

  5. nancy says:

    I would also like to know where to buy the rug. Love it!

  6. dove says:

    I really love the "Family" carpet! When and where can it be purchased.

  7. Anita says:

    Get this show off TV! These people have no idea what they are doing. I like color, but their designs should be in a kindergarten room! The beach house actually made me dizzy. They over-decorate and are inconsiderate of the homeowner's wishes. Who at HGTV actually thought this show would be popular?

    • Connie says:

      Not everyone can agree with all designers. However, I do appreciate all their ideas and they inspire me to try different things. KEEP IT UP NOVAGRATZ"S!!!!!! ( don't blame Courtney) LOVE ALL THEIR SHOWS AND DESIGNS. WISH THEY WERE ON MORE THAT ONCE A WEEK.

  8. Connie says:

    Not everyone can agree with all designers. However, I do appreciate their ideas and they inspire me to try different things. KEEP IT UP NOVAGRATZ!!!! (and don't blame Cortney) LOVE THEM.

  9. CherylM. says:

    Hideous Designs & Hideous Designers = Home by Novogratz …… where'd they get their degrees KMART?? (apologies to Kmart).

    PLEASE remove this horrible horrible show!!! A complete waste of a half hour!!

  10. @xtianena says:

    didnt hgtv also did their bedroom in another episode,

    • denise says:

      i think i am watching david bromstad color splash it!! dylans candy store is the inspiration.

      • Heather S. says:

        Yeah, now that you mention it – you're right! I was scratching my head while watching Color Splash tonight wondering why this apartment and the couple looked so familiar. Haha! They do have an AMAZING house, though I didn't like what the Novogratz designers did with the family room. I think they have terrible taste is art (that dog painting was so tacky).

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