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Beyond the watercolor trend that has been seen throughout home furnishings this summer, new painting techniques are popping up in everything from tabletop decor to wallpaper. Wide brush strokes, mural paintings and finger painting are opening up new ways to incorporate vibrant flourishes of art in our everyday lives.

Designer Kevin O’Brien just launched a new pillow collection featuring finger paint. Who knew that a painting technique associated with small children could look so fun at home? These pillows would be perfect for a living room, kids room or any room in the house where art is appreciated.

West Elm has introduced some painterly pieces this summer. Wide brush strokes and dabs of color make a pretty statement in the Painters Melamine Collection.

Diane Von Furstenberg’s new home collection is filled with painterly pieces, as well. I really like this simple Brushstroke Creamer. Just a few short brush strokes and a slight splatter of golden paint transform it into a piece of art.

And Anthropologie’s Dreamscape Mural is a prime example of the new joy of painting theme. This wallpaper is made to look as if you woke up one morning and started your very own mural project. I’m sure if you felt inspired you could add your own bit of paint and imagination to this piece.

What do you think about the new art theme in home decor?  Have you spotted any painterly decor that you’d like to bring into your interior?

Tell me in the comments below.

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