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Summer heat (and almost-unbearable-humidity) fills me with nostalgia for the cooler good ol’ days of my childhood spent swinging in a tattered, country hammock. My mom would leave my sister and me at our aunt and uncle’s farm for a few weeks every August, and we fished, chased llamas, built forts, collected chicken eggs and got into mischief all day long. But I can guarantee one thing… my aunt’s favorite time during those summer days was naptime (not hers, ours). After exploring the woods and fields all day, she could always find us curled up on the back porch in the hammock, out like a pair of bats at mid-day. So when I came across these awesome hammocks on HGTV, I was instantly transported to that 300-acre farm.

Summer Hammock

Late summer, nothing seems more enticing than a glass of homemade lemonade and the back-and-forth sway of a hammock. A down comforter for padding like this one featured in HGTV’s 6 Stress-Free Hammocks would be even more pleasant. If you’re worried that a plain outdoor bunk isn’t your style, add some pops of color and character with accents like this brilliant red throw and speckled green pillow.

Beach Hammock Seat

Whether you’re on vacation or at home, a hammock can serve as a centerpiece for entertaining. Like this hanging seat, it can become the place where you relax and catch up with friends. Or if you need peace and quiet, place it in the spot with the best view. Sit back, relax and enjoy a moment to yourself on your patio or porch. (I can’t get over how well the warm orange colors match the straw roof and sand. Can I please live there?)

Traditional Mayan Hammocks

This traditional Mayan hammock, made from hand-braided threads, would fit in any nook or garden. The way these hammocks wrap around your body makes it feel like you’re swinging in a cocoon (or at least that’s what my sister and I used to pretend.) They are also the perfect addition to a patio or backyard that needs a pop of color, as they come in a rainbow of hues. For more relaxing summer ideas, be sure to check out our 6 Stress-Free Hammocks.

But first… have you been longing for the weightless swing of a hammock?

Tell us in the comment area below.

8 Responses

  1. Karli_HGTV says:

    Can we get these in the office? I know I'd be 100% more productive.

  2. Harry Woodbury says:

    As one of the weavers of The Pawleys Island Hammock I love the sway of the hammock to gently rock you to sleep on a cool evening.

  3. trish michael says:

    bought a beautiful handmade hammock in Costa R ica for my daughterbut she cannot find a large enough hammock holder. It seems to stretchout and hit the ground on her. Any suggestons

  4. Chris says:

    I've yet to find a weatherproof hammock! I love the way one looks in my yard, but unless I take it down every night and put it up again each morning, the dew, rain, wet leaves have already ruined 2 of my hammocks with mold and grunge.
    Using a washing machine is not a possibility because of the wood ends, and the bleach/water rinses I used just weakened the fabric deeming it unuseable.

  5. Paul Marker says:

    Very Nice Post…I like thePool Side Hammocks
    because its best way to relaxing the mood in fresh air.

  6. Paul Marker says:

    Very Nice Post…I like the Pool Side Hammocks

  7. I was thinking to buy a hammock for coming summer. Your showing hammock is very fantastic i think that it will be very comfortable to use.

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