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We thank them for giving us a good fright in the first true summer blockbuster, Jaws, Shark Week and one of the coolest diving with sharks Youtube videos. But that isn’t the only reason to show sharks some love. Their streamlined bodies and striking jawlines have inspired some pretty rad home decor and entertaining ideas.

Shark Decor

1. watermelon.org; 2. Etsy: berkleyillustration; 3. Oh Brooke; 4. Etsy: Handamade; 5. PB Teen; 6. Etsy: Allisonbook ; 7. Pottery Barn Kids; 8. Etsy: Royalkane ; 9. Etsy: JohnBirdsong

So many clever, biting finds. Who wouldn’t want to dive into a shark-shaped watermelon at a backyard pool party. Briana found that dapper Great White Shark print on Etsy and posted it with her Daily Delight: Hammerhead Shark Wallpaper. My favorite design is the black and white great white pillow I found on Etsy. It reminds me of everyday beach decor (like the trendy starfish) with a slightly menacing twist. And who needs guard dogs when you can have fearsome fencepost sharks?

Do you like sharks or do you fear them too much to incorporate them in your home decor?

Tell us in the comment area below.

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  1. zdrowie says:

    Tym, że objawy te oznaczają coś więcej,
    zrozumieliśmy dopiero wtedy, kiedy wydarzyła się niestety bardzo przykra i
    krytyczna sytuacja.

  2. Factor very well regarded.!

    xunjie 彼らは毎日忙しいので、



  3. CplusE says:

    I really enjoy doing web searches, even though it sometimes gets me into trouble (do a search for "turtle rug images" — that red rug with the shocking price tag is now ours thanks to my love of random searches!). My best advice is to always do a picture search first and find website links from there. The same picture will often show up many times, so you can pick and choose the best sites. I always try to find the original source, which sometimes takes some tracking down, so the more sources you find the more likely you are to find a link to the original. Design and decor sites are the most fun to search — just pick a topic and how you would like to see that topic used (for example, I thought shark furniture would be amazing, so I did a search for "shark furniture images", then refined it to "shark chair images" to find the chair). I just got a bunch of new catalogs in the mail with the latest looks for fall, so I know what topic I'll be googling next!

  4. Hilary@HGTV says:

    Wow! It sounds like you have some great stories to share. That table is so cool. How do you always find the coolest decor and websites?

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