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With early registration open for Pottermore this week, I had to feature this mysterious wooden object. I’ll give you a hint: It doesn’t unleash superpowers, and I’d say it’s perfectly fitting for the Harry Potter wedding inspiration board from Karli’s Pottermore design post.

What the...?

Put on your sorting hat for this one, and tell us your best guess in the comment area below.


Design Inspiration

14 Responses

  1. karin hope says:

    looks to me like spinning tops, with a base & string that help get the spinning started

  2. Deneen says:

    Looks like a top!

  3. Angatwork says:

    Is it a spindle?

  4. PFG says:

    Looks like perfume bottles as I have them like this in glass and metal, but not wood.

    Top tops can be removed, but what do you put inside them? :)

  5. islandgirl says:

    Old Fashioned Ink pens or writing/paint brushes

  6. Matthew says:

    The one on the left looks just like a dip (nib) pen I have. It's like a metallic quill or fountain pen. The leather chord is a bit curious though…

  7. kathie says:

    a turkish top ….ala whirling dervish

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  9. Angus E. Parvo says:

    18th century lie detector?

  10. Mary Wiseman says:

    a fan pull

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