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For this week’s “What the…?” Angus E. Parvo had the most intriguing answer with “18th century lie detector.” (How exactly would that work, Angus?) Despite my efforts to lead you down the path of the magical dark arts, y’all weren’t phased. Karin Hope figured it out immediately with “spinning tops.”

Richard Patterson Wood Spinning Tops

These Siglo Moderno spinning tops by Richard Patterson would have entertained kids from the 1700s for hours. Today’s digital generation… maybe a few minutes max. I totally agree with Julie that “they look fabulous to display.”

If you do want to pick one up for the kids or a vignette, Patterson hand crafts each piece out of red oak, black walnut or burl walnut. Simply wrap the thin leather strand attached to the center of the tops all the way around, pull and enjoy the show.

When you were a kid, what was your favorite old-fashioned toy?

Tell us in the comment area below.


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  2. anna@HGTV says:

    I think mine would have to be wooden blocks. I do love the new one piece of wood rattles – http://www.abbysprouts.com/PhotoGallery.asp?Produ

  3. Samantha says:

    As a child, we had a galvanized tub…our swimming pool…LOL!

  4. essayontime says:

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