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I fancy myself something of a chowhound, and love to experiment in the kitchen, but my preference to freestyle a recipe sometimes illustrates the rift between culinary brainstorming and practical experience. Turns out, there are some things you can’t just wing. Like baking. Oops.

kitchen conversion poster

This graphic kitchen conversion poster by SweetFineDay is here to save the day. The attractive and practical print eliminates any confusion in a recipe, and illustrates exactly how much of each ingredient you need to use. So there’s no more blaming “the altitude” if your pie doesn’t come out. (Apologies to my foodie friends in Denver!)

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  2. anna@HGTV says:

    Or having to lug out my big Joy of Cooking.

  3. Yolanda Millien says:

    I just love a beautiful dining room table. Even tho; I am 4/ever
    Emailing and texting…I do enjoy a beautiful dining table to sit and relax with family members or friends
    And enjoy a nice dinner.

  4. Just wondering, before I consider subscribing… is that this an actual, individually composed letter to each subscriber, or does each individual writer compose a single letter each week and send the same composition to all of your subscribers they’re assigned to write to?

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