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Warning. Somewhere our feature blogger Brian Patrick Flynn is feeling the urge to “punch an angel.” That’s what he said in February when he ixnayed this color in favor of tangerine. Then in March, you, our Design Happens readers championed aqua over this hue in a runoff vote. But for those of you who described it as the color of happiness… for TaraLovesHGTV, Jolie, Leslie, @paintedroom, Amy PureHome, CplusE, Cynthia, time for a big smiley face. Kayla made a persuasive pitch to our color team, and HGTV.com’s August Color of the Month is…

…Chrome Yellow. The perfect color to take us from the scorching sun of August into the cooler temperatures of fall and the anticipated bright yellow shade of leaves on elm, aspen and ginko trees. But for now, it’s the free wheeling days of cruising around on a retro banana-seat bicycle or, even better, in a convertible Chevy Camaro painted chrome yellow.

Kayla joined me in writing this post. She picked three rooms that use this hue in unexpected color combinations. And I’ve included shopping picks for introducing chrome yellow into your home design, including some fun color combos, as well.


Wendi-Young-Design-Yellow-Gray-BedroomWendi Young Design

When I imagine the perfect color buddies for chrome yellow, I immediately think of gray and black or white and turquoise or lime. One color I never really considered is creamy beige, and yet these colors are so refreshing and perfect together. Designer Wendi Young started with a neutral palette, and then spiced it up with punches of yellow. The beauty of this pairing is the obvious balance and flow all around. The yellow accents in the lamps and upholstery fabric don’t jump out at you, but without these few energizing pieces, a room like this could feel ho hum.

Massucco-Warner-Miller-Design-Yellow-Living-RoomMassucco Warner Miller Interior Design and Decoration

When you look at the photo on the left, what’s the first thing your eyes catch? The vibrant yellow pillow on the sofa, right? That’s the point of the beloved gray and yellow color combination. The gray sits back (sophisticated, subdued), while yellow creeps in and steals all the spotlight… with just one pillow. In this living space by Julie Massucco Kleiner, this popular color combo is taken to a whole new level with the hints of sage and the strong presence of yellow’s color wheel opposite — purple. Yet, it’s the few yellow pieces that emit the most exuberance and liveliness.


If you thought you couldn’t bring a bright yellow into winter, designer AnnBritt Wallmen definitely proves you can. The chrome-yellow sofa is instantly warmed up by its wool exterior as well as the navy wallpapered walls and accents that surround it. The yellow, fuchsia and metallics are energizing, while the art, the patterns and the deep blues and greens hint of mystery.


Chrome Yellow - HGTV Color of the Month - August 2011

Anthropologie vintage rotary phone; Bauer Pottery Company coffee pot; Urban Outfitters GiGi nightstand; Anthropologie lemonade urn

Chrome Yellow - HGTV Color of the Month - August 2011

J Schatz Egg planter; Bungalow 5 beveled glass petal mirror
Chrome Yellow - HGTV Color of the Month - August 2011

ETSY GizmoandHooHa vintage metal file box; Candelabra Oggetti Luce Belle pendant

CHROME YELLOW PAINT OPTIONS: Mythic Paint Sunny at Heart, Sherwin Williams Daisy, Benjamin Moore Bright Yellow, Valspar Buttered Toffee.

So, what do you think of our August Color of the Month? Big smiley face? A color you can love in your home year round?

Tell us in the comments below.

103 Responses

  1. Ruby E says:

    I didn't think I would like it but it looks beautiful in these rooms. Wow!

  2. Debbie says:

    Mom always had a yellow kitchen. I don't mind a little here and there, but I'm not in favor of a yellow room.

  3. Kristine says:

    I love the color yellow for accents. Yellow with navy blue and white and lime green for porch or patio works great!

  4. Nathan says:

    the color is a little to bright and it should be toned down.

  5. jj strong says:

    a little dab will do ya

  6. lucia says:

    my living room & kitchen are yellow one a little darker than the other i love it! we love it! is cheery happy like a sunflower :)

  7. karen says:

    Not usually a fan of yellow; but with beige and deep contrasting colors like gray, black or navy you all have changed my mind 100%.

  8. Tess says:

    Yellow is a great accent, very tricky as a wall color. I tried 3 shades of yellow in my bedroom and eventually gave up.

  9. Jean says:

    HGTV never does anything but great…I agree with Karen above… I don't usually like bright yellow but maybe that is because I don't know how to use it.

  10. Jacqui says:

    Whilst I like the color and the summery feeling it instills, and would use it for a client's project, it's not a color I would chose for me. I don't wear yellow because it drains the natural color from my face so, I certainly would not use it in my own home.

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