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I love it when I spot objects that seem to embody two or more trends at once to make something that feels entirely fresh. Like this illustrated paper feather garland from kayeblegvad for one.

feather garland

Garland’s been making a comeback in decorating and entertaining spaces, plus it has that trendy avian influence without going into full-on “put a bird on it” mode. It’s a natural to hang outside for a boho balcony or deck, but I also think this would fly over a mantel.

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  1. Anna@HGTV says:

    I can hardly believe these are paper and not dyed feathers.

  2. Lovin'K says:

    Cultural appropriation notes aside this is very nice; I think this cool project stands for itself without needing to misuse a people's heritage to give it some kind of "cred".

    They are beautiful painted paper feathers but should in no way be inappropriately connected to a culture. Doing so removes this project that you want to label a as "Native American feel" from whatever it's indigenous cultural contexts once was (if it even has them) which is disrespectful and here the use of paper feathers takes on meanings that are significantly divergent from, and less nuanced than, those tribes who use feather for specific cultural reasons.

    It would just be nice to see this great project without this reference. In the least it isn't needed, but it can be very hurtful, so why even go there?

    I am just hoping this is something to keep in mind for the future – buck the cultural appropriation trend and stick to inclusive design! :)


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  4. NDNstyle says:

    I'm with Lovin' on this one. Why does it have to be associated with Natives? Why can't it just stand as a cool project on it's own? As far as I know, none of the North American Native cultures (note the plural, we're not a monolithic amalgamation of Hollywood stereotypes) would just string a garland of feathers around solely for decoration. Attributing this to us is probably a bit misleading, maybe even a bit of a stereotype. Stereotype is an ugly word, I know, but it needs to be addressed, especially with all the appropriation/ hipster headdress and warpaint silliness going on in pop culture today, because it spreads false ideas about people and inhibits true understanding of each other as genuine people.

    My point is, not have this groovy feather garland just be a bit of cool, naturalistic modern art that you can string around the house for a festive look and leave the "Native American feel" out of it? Thanks.

  5. Briana@HGTV says:

    Good points, Lovin'K and NDNstyle. Thank you for posting such thoughtful comments and giving me new perspective. I do see how that line could be misleading, as you're right — it's not truly reflective of an actual culture's style or traditions. It certainly wasn't my intent to add to the appropriation divorced from meaning. And with that, I'm happily amending the post.

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