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With Rise of the Planet of the Apes dominating the box office this past weekend, I can’t help but have monkeys on the brain. Harmless, playful monkeys. Although I love a good science-fiction thriller, I prefer to picture primates through the lens of childhood toys. Like my mom’s 1960s sock monkeys, now making a comeback in hues of pink, purple and blue. So, join me in a walk down memory lane. I’m sure you had a few of these yourself. (Oh, and a confession. After watching Toy Story 3, the cymbal-banging monkey has now joined my “scared-of” rankings along with clowns, spiders and life-size dolls.)

Planet-of-the-Apes-Vintage-Monkey-ToysPhotos (all from Etsy): 1. 1950s Cymbal-Banging Monkey (Musical Jolly Chimp Toy) 2. Vintage 1966 Barrel of Monkeys Original Toy :: vimvigorvintage 3. Vintage 1970s Animal Rummy Playing Cards :: 30one 4. Handmade Blue Red-Heel Sock Monkey :: TerraceHill 5. Blue and Pink Striped Sock Monkeys :: SunsetGirl 6. Vintage Pottery Monkey Figurine :: ritasdiggins 7. Curious George Wooden Nesting Toys :: TheColorfulWorld 8. Vintage Monkey With Red Fez :: sushipotparts

Did these vintage monkeys stir up some sweet nostalgia? Have you made room for monkey toys in your decor?

Tell us in the comments below.

9 Responses

  1. anna@HGTV says:

    I never met a sock monkey I didn't like, but a barrel of monkeys is my childhood favorite.

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  3. Kay Leary says:

    Both of those pictures remind me of my childhood to a tee! This also brings to mind that these things were all being played during the baby boom era. Which also brings me to an idea. With a new design star: I see so many of the shows focus on only 1 thing. How about instead of a face lift like most of us at this time are thinking of, there could be a home lift. Not a lot of major changes, but a lot of small changes in all the rooms and outside. I don't want to get my home ready to sell, I want to get my home back to the way it was. I come home everyday still smiling at my home, but I'm starting to see after 20 odd years, a new piece of carpet here and a new door there, along with a nice coat of paint. I think the real problem is I can't or want to make a decision. I make thousands of decisions every day and want to come home and rest. Not a do it yourselfer. It would be great if my memories could get a home lift. Any HGTV hosts that fit here?

  4. CplusE says:

    There are no monkey toys among my childhood memories or in my decor, because for some reason when I was young I found monkeys to be almost as creepy as clowns (and clowns to me are the ultimate in creepy!). Believe it or not, ducks used to fall into the same category — I know, pretty weird, right? Luckily with advancing age the fear of ducks has disappeared, but I still struggle with the monkeys, and there's no hope for clowns!

  5. anna@HGTV.com says:

    Well, my uncle had a real pet monkey as a child in the 50s. Until it caught a flu like virus from someone the family and died. Pet monkeys are not a good idea.

  6. The cymbal crashing monkey has always scared me. Before "Toy Story 3" there was a movie called "Monkey Shines" that is freaky. Other than that, I love sock monkeys and my sister has a mini sock monkey key chain that I've been trying to "obtain" for years as I love it so. I could purchase one new online but the fun of trying to sneak it from her never tires (at least from my perspective). :D

  7. OHHH, i remember having a "barrel of monkeys". Simple fun for kids that didn't require a plug or battery. Gosh, what happened to those days?

  8. Love the blog! Adding you to our blog roll :) http://epochbydesign.com/blog

  9. Is it just me or does that first antique monkey with the cymbals creep the hell out of you! I honestly don't think I could do with one of those in my house!

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