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Are white jeans the fashion equivalent of the white room? A crisp, clean (and glamorous) look but impossible to keep, well, white? I have an awesome pair of white jeans that I never wear. Ever. Because it seems that any time I wear white, I manage to dribble something on myself, like bright yellow mustard. Likewise, I doubt I’ll ever enjoy the luxury of a white-on-white room. (Can you say pet owner?) Design icon Syrie Maugham popularized the all-white room in the 1920s and ’30s, earning the nickname “White Queen.” Fast forward to 2011. Designer Jonathan Adler never hesitates to don his signature white jeans, and many of his top decor pieces are in a bright white. The author of Happy Chic Colors calls white “the ultimate soothing backdrop.”

Syrie-Maugham-Jonathan-Adler-Interior-Design-White-Rooms-HGTV-DesignHappensPhotos: Top row and left :: Jonathan Adler Interior Design; Bottom right quadrant :: Syrie Maugham: Staging Glamorous Interiors, Acanthus Press

Soothing…until you spill something on it.

What do you think of the white-on-white look? Like white jeans, are white rooms achingly desirable but impossible to keep pristine? Or are you the proud owner of a room decked out all in white that has stayed that way for years? If so, what’s your secret?

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  1. Jewel Retools! says:

    Don't be afraid of color. I was for a long time and 2 years ago I painted my living/dining room a chocolate brown and even in this horrid heat I've felt cool and comfy. I did use a bone white semi-gloss around the window frames and moldings to make a nice contrast! Try it!

  2. Larry Risko says:

    I love white; So clean..SO minimal. I just installed white Italian quartz for my kitchen countertop with black lacquered cabinets…..and stainless steel, polished. Wish I could upload pics here..anyone??

  3. Coco says:

    Whie is fascinating–innocent,crisp,magic—different angelic and you can not cheat on it –it is crispy clean–or dirty.Nothing in between–Love it for ever–never bored

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