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I’m “mom” to one totally adorable, totally pampered long-haired miniature dachshund named Chauncey. And if the tug-of-war rope, tennis ball and T-bone steak chew toy are any indications…the living room is basically his playroom at this point. Still, if there are ways I can maintain my style while spoiling him, I’m a happy human. These bright Castro Dishes from Unleashed Life are a win-win.

castro dog bowls

Finding pet accessories that aren’t either plain Jane or too cartoonish is rare. Finding pet accessories that don’t look out of place in the “mid-century modern meets California cool” mix I’ve cultivated? Almost impossible until now. The great thing about Unleashed Life is that they’ve considered all different kinds of decor, so even if these bowls aren’t your cuppa, you’re sure to find a feeding table or a pet bed that you won’t have to hide when company comes over. I’m set with the Castro set, and ready play up the wire thing on my coffee table too, with this funky Ikea fruit bowl. Hot dog!

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  1. Kitchen Remodel says:

    Hey nice accessories! I like them and color is fabulous. Nice title "Mid-Century Modern Dog Bowls". Keep sharing…
    From: Kitchen Remodel

  2. Kayla@HGTV says:

    These are so awesome! Maybe that strong frame would prevent my "sweet" little cat from dragging his food and water bowls all over the kitchen leaving puddles of water for me when I get home from work. One can only hope…

  3. Karli_HGTV says:

    Does Chauncey love Mid-Century Modern? I see him being all about some British Colonial. :)

  4. anna@HGTV.com says:

    After all of the Union Jack hoopla…how did we miss this adorable Union Jack dog bed!?! http://www.unleashedlife.com/product.php?producti

  5. [...] Via Design Happens. [...]

  6. Angheet Singh says:

    Even dogs deserve the best we can give them. That's why I try to get my doberman some designer dog accessories when I can.

  7. Software says:

    The most awesome poem place is all that they has feelings for in his world. I want you to write action packed writings! Thanks! She lifted their tech blast when he needed to massage that you must be a smile man.

Briana MowreyBriana is a writer and senior editor for HGTV.com. Her self-described design style is "mid-century modern magpie." She lives in a Brooklyn apartment with her husband, their spoiled dachshund, Chauncey,...


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