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Hi, my name is Karli, and I’m a water-bottle-aholic. If a 12-step program for funky, fresh water bottles existed, my family would rush to sign me up and stage an intervention. My kitchen cabinets are crammed full of water bottles — pink, orange, clear, floral — I’ve got them all. I love having a bottle for every day of the week. (And every outfit!) What I don’t love is how much space they take up. You can imagine how excited I am with my new find…water bottles that take up barely any room. The “fold-and-go” design of Vapur’s Anti-Bottle makes them perfect for purses, backpacks, gym bags and cramped office spaces. When your water is gone, just clip the “bottle” onto your bag or fold it to tuck away.

Water Bottles

Vapur wants one lucky Design Happens winner to take home the Vapur Artist Series collector’s box filled with three limited edition Vapur Anti-Bottles designed by international artists. (HGTV’s own Antonio Ballatore helped pick out the winning designs!) To be entered for a chance to win, simply leave us a comment in the field below before 12/11c Monday, August 22.

This week’s question: What design would you put on your Vapur bottle if you got to play artist? A cool chevron pattern? A photo of your beloved pet or favorite HGTV star? A Louis chair?

Click for official rules.



370 Responses

  1. M Dawn Brandon says:

    Awesome idea

  2. Jack Pears says:

    I live in the Four Corners area (NM, AZ, UT, CO)…great for just about anything you could want to do outdoors. I would put something official representing each state. For example, each state's flag or each state's official flower or each state's official bird.

  3. Arushi Garg says:

    I will do a doodle , with my personal touch to it , views , drawings , beliefs or motto . it could be funny , something I support . Its like carrying your attitude on the bottle

  4. E. Nelson says:

    I love this idea, I as many others have way too many bottle that take up WAY too much room in the cupboards. If I were to make a design, I would make it with grass towards the base and varied flowers going towards the drink spout. This would be temperature sensitive… a color changer so to speak. When there was cool water inside you could see the entire design. As you drank the water the flowers would disappear and when it was empty so would the grass. So many ideas!!

  5. Emily W says:

    I would put something glamorous like a chandelier or a big vase of flowers. Something that would inspire my designs in my home.

  6. Kate says:

    As I'm reading this in Hawaii right now, I can only think of all the gorgeous Hibiscus varieties I saw near Waimea Falls just the other day. I think a bottle featuring the falls & flowers there would not only be beautiful, but an exciting way to earn money for their conservation programs.

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