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We absolutely relished the opportunity to bring great design to a deserving high school’s gym in this episode of Home by Novogratz! We traveled to sunny California to tackle a locker room design makeover for the boys’ basketball team at Inglewood High School — alma mater of nine-time NBA All Star Paul Pierce!

Paul Pierce

Basketball is THE sport in the Novogratz family, so we were super excited to work with Paul Pierce to give some deserving kids a great space to relax, study and work out. Our family loves the New York Knicks and Paul plays for the Boston Celtics, but we put our rivalry aside for a great cause and an all-around great guy (and player!).

Home by Novogratz

Because it’s a school (and schools have rules!), we were somewhat limited in our use of furniture and paint. So, we chose to make a statement with the lighting. We went wild and bought over a dozen huge Suspension Lamps. We essentially created our own massive chandelier by hanging them all in a group at staggered heights. Aside from the room’s massive size, the hideous metal bars on the walls provided our biggest design challenge. Those bars made it feel like a prison! We overcame this obstacle by covering them with giant murals we had printed that feature the work of renowned photojournalist Chi Modu. The result is stunning and truly inspirational.

Home by Novogratz

We also wanted to make a cozy hangout for the boys with a place where the team could comfortably meet to discuss plays or do their homework. To accomplish this, we took a huge space and broke it down into more intimate and manageable areas. We created a space for lockers, then a lounge area (with furniture by designer Jonathan Adler), a “dining room” for eating or hitting the books and a workout space. The room mixes young, fresh design with classic sports elements. Our son Wolfgang even parted with some of his trophies for the project.

Paul Pierce The Truth

Paul’s nickname is “The Truth” and his non-profit, The Truth on Health, works to prevent childhood obesity. So, we made a special shopping trip to TINI for huge mismatched letters to spell out his nickname. Paul said he loved the room so much that he wished he could go back to school!

Sometimes our most interesting projects aren’t residential designs. You can create an inspiring and personal space in your workplace, church or school with a little imagination and creativity.

19 Responses

  1. teresa says:

    I loved today's show with Paul Pierce, what a transformation!!!!!
    I would like to know were can I find the Lucite chairs that you used around the dinning room table? Please and thank you.

  2. Anna@HGTV says:

    Hi Teresa – You can find the Louis Ghost Chair by Phillippe Stark at unicahome.com, dwr.com, hive.com and hive.com and other modern furniture retailers.

  3. sue says:

    Paul Pierce is to be commended for giving back to his school and to his community. The transformation of the space was wonderful and I am sure the students will use and enjoy the space. The reason I am writing is, throughout the show, there were constant references made about how draining, prison-like, uninspiring the space was previously. Now, just imagine if you had to inspire students in a space such as that. As a teacher, I wondered what it would be like if every day I went to work in a space that was as inspiring, colorful and well designed. Instead, I have worked in schools that need improvements. I don't want to sound like a hater or sour grapes, but every time there was a comment made about how the space looked before, I thought…in too many towns and cities, that is what many schools look like. Please think about this, when you think about education and the needs of children.

    • Lovestolkien says:

      Bravo for Paul Pierce and all sports figures who give back to their communities!!! Very inspiring show! I so agree with your comments.

  4. Bob says:

    Just saw this episode and congratulations to Paul Pierce and especially to Courtney and Robert for such a wonderful "makeover" – great show!!
    But I was hoping Courtney or Rob could answer a question for me: I believe the theme music to this show is the same as to your other shows. It's bright, and upbeat and I KNOW I've heard it before but don't know who sings/plays guitar and other instruments and can't even remember the title! But it's something like "Come On, Come On" – any chance you'd be kind enough to tell me the name of the song and/or who performs it, PLEASE??!
    Oh and Courtney, its the NY Knicks, not Nicks!
    Thanks again for one of several great shows I've seen so far on HGTV!!

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  6. Gail says:

    Loved the "chandelier". Can you inform me where these hanging lamps can be purchased?
    Thank you!

  7. Dayna says:

    This was an amazing makeover, those kids are very lucky to have a NBA star that gives back, so nice to see. Cortney and Bob did an amazing job on the room, what vision they have!

  8. rhonda says:

    i believe she actually drinks a bottle of wine before they decorate, everything i have seen is awful, thank god it is not my room i am walking into!!!

  9. kim cal says:

    If this was a design star challenge they would totally flunk. They spent $2300 on 1 table that will be carved on within 2 weeks when they could have have gone gone to Cost Plus or Pottery Barn and bought 3 x as much sturdy furniture that looks great.
    There is not enough seating(1 table, 1 small sectional)
    There is only 1 computer and it is perched on a tiny table without a kneehole
    where are the bookcases to store team photos or gasp! books???

  10. Blossom says:

    The translation of Novogratz is "No Taste".

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