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Compromise in my household is typically only reached after a somewhat friendly “best two out of three” game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. For a while, Rock was my go-to weapon of choice. Now, I turn to Scissors if I’m determined to win Chinese takeout over my boyfriend’s pick of pizza. Or to watch reruns of Friends instead of the Rocky movies. So in honor of the many nights I successfully avoided kung fu movies and Xbox Live, I thank you, Scissors. Here’s a salute to you — in the form of intriguing sharp-formed furnishings with plenty of scissoring action. (And here’s to many more wins!)

Rock-Paper-Scissors-1st-Dibs-HGTV-DesignHappensAll from 1st Dibs: 1. Adjustable Scissor Lift Table 2. Scissor Frame Sling Chairs 3. Phillipe Starck “Titos Apostos” Table for Driade 4. Lightolier Scissor Wall Lamp 5. Italian Hall Console 6. Giant Scissors on Custom Stand 7. Charlotte Perriand Le Corbusier Scissor Chair

What do you turn to for a guaranteed win: Rock, Paper or my good ‘ole friend Scissors? Or are disputes settled with a coin toss in your home?

Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Suzanne Nash says:

    I totally am into scissors, they are handy, strong and you can use them for many projects or getting yourself out of trouble! You can cut out anything from coupons to fabrics to the deadly loose carpet strands, hair mistakes, (you know we have all been there in the dreaded cutting your own hair) I would LOVE LOVE LOVE To have the Awsome Scissors sling back chairs and the Absolutley stunning Charlotte Perriand Le Corbusier Scissor Chair, I am in need of chairs and with the scissors theme you cannot beat the beauty of these chairs! These items would look stunning in my Quite Room. Thanks All! Suzanne Nash

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