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This project is definitely one of my favorites! Rob and I have two sets of twins, so we could totally relate to designing for triplets. One small Manhattan bedroom for three growing children forced us to get creative with how to lay out the space.

Home by Novogratz

Three kids means three beds. Space is going to be tight when you live in Manhattan, so we knew that we had to get one of the beds off the floor to maximize the room. We played around with different ways to do this, even toying with the idea of triple bunk beds. We ultimately ended up a custom design with one bed lofted and the two other beds sticking out perpendicular underneath.

Designing a room for both boys and girls is definitely tough, so it’s always good to mix it up with fun, bold colors that appeal to them both. The wall covered in decal dots, the comforters and the throw pillows make the room work for all three kids.

Home by Novogratz

You’ve probably seen some of our custom photography wallpaper in other episodes of Home by Novogratz. For this project we went big! We chose our favorite photograph of all three kids shot by fashion photographer Tim Geaney, blew it up to a huge scale and printed on canvas wallpaper. (The kids loved posing for Tim.) The result is bold and very cute. Because this is a rental apartment, we couldn’t do anything to the concrete ceiling. Since we really wanted to hang these amazing, colorful bungee cord lights, we came up with the idea of building out a soffit to house the electrical wires. Using shatter resistant light bulbs makes it extra safe.

62 Responses

  1. Mindy says:

    It was the best thirty minutes i could spend tonight. Inspiring. Do you have a source list for your lights and custom wallpaper? Thank you!!!!

  2. Nancy says:

    Where did you buy the twin quilts for the triplet room?

  3. Mandy says:

    Where are the quilts from? They are very cute

  4. Lisa says:

    what was the name of the artist who did the piece for this bedroom? thought it was so charming.

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  6. Deb says:

    I saw a lot of missed opportunity with this room . I am not a designer but I am a mom and I have decorated every room in my house. You have 7 kids and you hang exposed bulbs in a room for three four year olds wiith a stool and desk underneath for them to climb up on, OOCH I see someone getting burned or cut in the future. Also with such little space you totally ignored the closet and its doors. Three kids that age don't need alot of hanging space but could use alot of built in storage for toys and clothes. And why we are talking closets why not make those ugly doors maybe one a dry erase board and the other a chalk board.My last thing is although the art work was OK why hang it with glass in the one place where kids are climbing in and out of bed maybe plexiglass would have been safer.

    • Moonbeam says:

      I wasn't impressed, either, but don't worry about the lights being hot or breaking. The Novogratz explained they were shatterproof and the kind that don't become hot. I'd be more worried that one of the kids would stand on the chair or desk and grab one of them in an effort to swing from it, bringing the whole light structure crashing down. Also, the lights obscured the childen's faces. Tract lighting or spotlighting would have worked better. OR, overhead LED lights that can change colors and cast different shades of lighting over the wallpaper (similar to what D-Bro's team did for the couple's headboard in the Color Splash episode immediately preceding Novogratz last night. Loved your idea of chalkboard and erase board on the closet doors. Agree the purchased art piece was not a good idea: a waste of money IMO and possible hazard. The most obvious hazard to me was the top bunk and lack of head and foot railing for such a young child.

      • Deb says:

        they were shatterproof but she said they were only 30 watt so they wouldnt be hot All lightbulbs get hot and can burn a childs face my daughter did when she was a toddler she had to put it next to her cheek.. That light fixture would be better in a teenager's room .Agree on the lighting ideas you had. Would have liked the top bunk to have maybe some cubbie space at the end instead of the mattress sliding back and forth.

  7. Jen says:

    To be honest, I don't understand why everyone liked this room so much. The room was not appealing to kids. If my kids room looked like that they would not be happy with me. It seemed that the room was more for the parents vs the children.

    • Moonbeam says:

      So agree with you! The wallpaper was the only thing I liked. Hated the hanging lights, and they were not even centered over the photo, thus leaving one child's face clearly visible, but partially obsuring the other two. Meg was criticized on Design Star last week for not hanging her wall lanterns evenly, but these lights look much worse to me. Also, that top bunk looks dangerous to me. And those are just a few problems I see here. All in all, I think the room would be considered a competent job for an amateur, but certainly not what I expect from professionals.

    • nana lynn says:

      No, kids love to see themselves and these children are beautiful. My 20 year old grand daughter's favorite thing to do when visiting is look at albums of herself when little. They will love it more the older they get. Nana lyn

      • Mimi says:

        No they won't. You think your grandkids are cute, but when they are a couple years older, they won't want to look at their 3 year old faces.

    • Alison says:

      I totally agree with you! I am not impressed with the Novogratzes at all. I feel like I could do better- there is not enough accessorizing in any of their projects, like they are working on a very limited budget. The loft bed could have looked much more professionally done- it looks like my 16 year old built it! And where is the storage? Cubbies, shelves, under the bed storage? 3 kids in one room means lots of storage needs!

  8. Wanda Brown says:

    I totally love the wallpaper! When the lights were turned on & those little faces were illuminated, it was just breathtaking!

    • Moonbeam says:

      Loved the highlighted faces too, but would have preferred they used an overhead tract or spotlight of some kind, and not those goofy hanging lights that partially obscured the kids faces.

  9. Stephanie Walters says:

    Where did the wallpaper come from? LOVE IT!!!

  10. Henrietta says:

    I loved the position of the three beds. Loved the wall paper. Wonder how much it cost.

    • Lorre Lei says:

      Henrietta, I don't know how much the mural cost but keep in mind you have to also factor in the photographer's charge and child photographers are a real specialty art and not inexpensive. A suggestion would be to take your own photos (lots), select the best, and upload to a company that can then reproduce them as a mural to your deminsions for your wall space. And DO use a substrate that can be removed without damaging your walls if you ever move and also reinstalled in another space.

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