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This project is definitely one of my favorites! Rob and I have two sets of twins, so we could totally relate to designing for triplets. One small Manhattan bedroom for three growing children forced us to get creative with how to lay out the space.

Home by Novogratz

Three kids means three beds. Space is going to be tight when you live in Manhattan, so we knew that we had to get one of the beds off the floor to maximize the room. We played around with different ways to do this, even toying with the idea of triple bunk beds. We ultimately ended up a custom design with one bed lofted and the two other beds sticking out perpendicular underneath.

Designing a room for both boys and girls is definitely tough, so it’s always good to mix it up with fun, bold colors that appeal to them both. The wall covered in decal dots, the comforters and the throw pillows make the room work for all three kids.

Home by Novogratz

You’ve probably seen some of our custom photography wallpaper in other episodes of Home by Novogratz. For this project we went big! We chose our favorite photograph of all three kids shot by fashion photographer Tim Geaney, blew it up to a huge scale and printed on canvas wallpaper. (The kids loved posing for Tim.) The result is bold and very cute. Because this is a rental apartment, we couldn’t do anything to the concrete ceiling. Since we really wanted to hang these amazing, colorful bungee cord lights, we came up with the idea of building out a soffit to house the electrical wires. Using shatter resistant light bulbs makes it extra safe.

62 Responses

  1. Lorre Lei says:

    I can't think of anyone better to select to design a room for children than Cortney and Robert. With utilizing space for their 7, they've had oodles of experience. The photo mural of the triplets just "made" the space for me…very photogenic subjects and talented photographer. I'd like to suggest that a mural imprinted on a repositionable, removable and reusable vinyl with a pressure sensitive substrate would be easy to clean and portable if they ever move. I'm sure they wouldn't want to leave that behind.

    • Moonbeam says:

      Good idea to have it removable. The wallpaper was the only thing I liked about this room. They were adorable, photogenic children and the photographer did indeed do a good job.

  2. Marsh says:

    I love, love the decals! I have been trying to come up with something for my 2 yr. olds wall that his bunk beds are up against. The decals are a perfect option. The idea of dots or shapes in general are much better than a specific theme that you would be locked into for awhile. Thanks Cortney & Rob!!! Love watching your show. Where do I get the dot decals???

    • Moonbeam says:

      Thoughts those decals were cheap/cheesy looking and, while decals were a good idea, they could have come up with some that were more interesting, I would think.

      • Moonbeam says:

        On second thought, and after looking at them again, perhaps any decals less simple would have clashed with the decor and the simple round ones were the best choice.

  3. Lara says:

    I agree with some of you, this room leaves so much to desire! It looks incomplete to me! I am really doubting the design aesthetic of this duo! I love the Novogratz but once again I am disappointed :(

    • Moonbeam says:

      Yes, I am disappointed too. I am not a professional but could have done a better job. Just goes to show you that some of us have talent we don't have the courage to take to a professional level, whereas some people seem to have more courage than talent.

  4. Blondie says:

    I must say that I really loved the design. The designers made a very, very small space for 3 children very cozy and practical. I'm annoyed by all the comments Moonbeam made. . . you said it best "I'm not a professional", that says it all.

    • chrissy says:

      Im sorry but I have to agree with other when I say this room def looks bare i woulda dressed it up a bit more as well it seems a bit incomplete to me as well I have to agree with Moonbeam. I don't mean to be rude but I haven't really ever liked their designs…they're just wierd and I like wierd things normally. Seems like they just throw a bunch of crap together and hope for crap soup? I can tell you this though my daughter would never spend time in this room.

  5. Sarah Wise says:

    I like the simplicity of this, and with limited space and both boys and girls I guess this was not the easiest project. I like this combo: http://www.bunk-beds-and-loft-beds.com/twin-bunk-
    But ist is expensive and needs a good deal of space to work.

  6. Scott Janke says:

    I know where you can get NFL and MLB Bedding along with country bedding sets. The site is http://www.homeaccentsandmorellc.com/ and they give free shipping every day.

    Good Shopping!!

  7. Leigh says:

    Does anyone know the name of the contractor who made the beds?

  8. decorate4u says:

    Am I missing something??? I have not been impressed with anything this couple has done. I think part of their slogan "we hope people will open up a bottle of wine and decorate" is very fitting because it looks like they had too much wine and started trying to decorate. Come on HGTV you can do better than these 2!!!

    • ashley says:

      I agree! The way HGTV is so selective on Design Star, how come they aren't selective with what this couple does? I haven't seen one room that I like that they have done, often everything clashes and looks tacky to me. As guest judges on "Design Star" the Novogratz said "there are no rules to design" so if that is so, how can they be picked to judge if there are "no rules?"

  9. Rachel says:

    Having young triplets (2 girls, 1 boy) myself, this room does not appeal to me on so many levels. The 2 beds are RIGHT next to each other. I would have preferred to offset one of the beds to parallel with the lofted one. The dots are kind of boring, as another said the closet doors are totally unutilized. I'd rip one door off and do a cubicle type design & do cork on the other door. There are so many cute decals more age appropriate for 4 yr olds that can be taken off and replaced in a few yrs.

  10. AEC says:

    Seriously? Exposed light bulbs?? I couldn't get past that. I don't care how "shatterproof" they are. These are young kids. They will climb on the stools, star playing with the bulbs, etc. This room was very amateurish. What's more, kids don't want to see images of themselves younger than they are … and they grow up fast. Parents of 7 kids would know these things.

    I honestly can't believe they have a show! They do the same techniques (photographic wallpaper) since they first appeared on TV.

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