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This project is definitely one of my favorites! Rob and I have two sets of twins, so we could totally relate to designing for triplets. One small Manhattan bedroom for three growing children forced us to get creative with how to lay out the space.

Home by Novogratz

Three kids means three beds. Space is going to be tight when you live in Manhattan, so we knew that we had to get one of the beds off the floor to maximize the room. We played around with different ways to do this, even toying with the idea of triple bunk beds. We ultimately ended up a custom design with one bed lofted and the two other beds sticking out perpendicular underneath.

Designing a room for both boys and girls is definitely tough, so it’s always good to mix it up with fun, bold colors that appeal to them both. The wall covered in decal dots, the comforters and the throw pillows make the room work for all three kids.

Home by Novogratz

You’ve probably seen some of our custom photography wallpaper in other episodes of Home by Novogratz. For this project we went big! We chose our favorite photograph of all three kids shot by fashion photographer Tim Geaney, blew it up to a huge scale and printed on canvas wallpaper. (The kids loved posing for Tim.) The result is bold and very cute. Because this is a rental apartment, we couldn’t do anything to the concrete ceiling. Since we really wanted to hang these amazing, colorful bungee cord lights, we came up with the idea of building out a soffit to house the electrical wires. Using shatter resistant light bulbs makes it extra safe.

62 Responses

  1. CherylM. says:

    Where is this room child friendly?? I can't think of any child that would want to spend time in this room. It is awful. The beds are too close together, the exposed light bulbs, glass in the frame… etc etc. These are very young children and safe guards should be used. The Novograts need to be CANCELED.

  2. Laura Newman says:

    LOVE the photo mural.. I've worked with Tim on many fashion shoots! small world!

  3. Debby says:

    It seems the beds are blocking part of the closet. The room has a dormitory layout. Sad.

  4. kathleenincolorado says:

    Another awful room and amateurish design. Why do these 2 even have a show?

  5. Adrienne says:

    Love this room. Would love to know the dimensions of the loft/bunk bed??

  6. Christina Rodriguez says:

    They do need to come up with some new ideas. They just keep trotting out the same old stuff. I'm surprised they didn't do light boxes.

  7. Collette Morningstar says:

    This was truley the worst design I have ever seen on HGTV. Uninspiring and cheap decorations. It seemed the designer was more focused on name-dropping with the photograher and the Artist than her work. TACKY! The woods in the bedrooms did not match…popcorn ceiling that she did nothing about…the room also had no covers over the outlets. She really could have played a bit on the details.She did nothing to change out the old hardware and replace with something fun and fresh!

  8. Collette Morningstar says:

    A few minutes ago I had put some comments that I did not like the designer or her work,,,I also had said some important elements on how to make it creative and fun and somebody had deleted my post…as did someone had deleted the post of someone right before me…I did not say anything inappropiate , just picking out facts..Now I am writing to head of the company for HGTV…I am telling them somebody keeps deleting the posts…the posts are for all to see, not for one persons discretion.

  9. Mike says:

    That room looks great. The custom wall mural graphics are a brilliant idea!

  10. kiah says:

    i just love to see a bed that is so cool.

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