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I’ve never been able to figure out how to craft paper airplanes that don’t crash and burn in under three seconds. I’ve given up. If you haven’t, check out Guinness record holder Ken Blackburn’s high-flying jets and exclusive patterns. (His Top Gun designs stay aloft for almost 30 seconds!) I’m happy sticking with quirky designs inspired by the papery little flyers. No, you can’t write a secret love note on them, but they are pretty dang cute and won’t (accidentally) get thrown in the trash.

How to Make Airplanes1. Paper Airplane Seating Cards from Pink Loves Chocolate :: 2. Paper Airplane Pillow by Etsy Seller diffractionfiber :: 3. Airplane Bouquet from Smile and Wave :: 4. Plane Plant Picks from Eat a Duck I Must :: 5. “Super Fly” Notecards by Etsy Seller BrushandMallet :: 6. Airplane Mobile from Lauren Clark :: 7. Wall Decals from Etsy Seller lushlifestudio

What about you? What’s your personal record for paper airplane hang time?

Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. anna@HGTV.com says:

    My paper airplanes have always tended to nose dive…but I like these: http://www.glithero.com/paper-planes

  2. Briana@HGTV says:

    Paper airplane ornaments! Hoo boy! This is giving me a great idea for a totally origami Christmas tree…

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  4. Jane Christian says:

    I think this idea for a project to entertain kids at a party would be fun, Invites, decorations, cupcake toppers, etc. THE PARTY THEME PAPER AIRPLANES could be done on a small budget. Got lots of ideas from this…Thanks….

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