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When Anna heard that September marks the start of deer hunting season in many parts of the country, she thought it would be fun if I did a post on taxidermy-inspired decor. Why fun? Because I’m a proud vegetarian. As you would expect, I don’t display any hunting trophies in my home. (No tofu trophies either.) But after looking around my favorite blogs and sites, I’ve changed my mind. (Briana almost converted me two months ago.) I do want animal taxidermy on my walls. A rhinoceros head. Deer antlers. Maybe even a dinosaur head or two. Faux taxidermy, that is. I present to you two galleries of my favorite faux taxidermy finds — one for children and one for us adults — that are colorful, whimsical and creative. Even the most advanced hunters can’t say they have a unicorn, dinosaur or mustached moose head on their wall. And the best part of it all? You can make one yourself without leaving the comfort of your home.

For Kids:

Hunting-Season-2011-September-Faux-Taxidermy-Design-Blog-HGTV1. Plush Deer Head :: Etsy / PlanetFur 2. Taxidermy Pinata :: Skunkboy Creatures 3. Curly-Horned Antelamb :: Etsy / horribleadorables 4. Mr. Deer Moose-Stachio Trophy :: Etsy / aircreatures 5. Lady Elegant Teddy Bear :: Etsy / amyjoterry 6. Ester the Elephant :: Etsy / squackdoodle 7. Faux Rhino Head :: Etsy / PlanetFur 8. Snow White Buck :: Etsy / MisfitMenagerie

For Adults:

Hunting-Season-2011-September-Faux-Taxidermy-Design-Blog-HGTV1. Faux Taxidermy Crow :: Anna-Wili Highfield 2. Savannah Rhino Bust :: Anthropologie 3. Violet Flowers Deer Head :: Etsy / hclaire 4. Rhinestone Deer Head :: Etsy / BeJanked 5. Floral Taxidermy :: Pinterest 6. Cardboard Fish :: Cardboard Safari 7. Inflatable Dino Head :: Urban Outfitters 8. Domestic Trophy :: Rachel Denny 9. Embroidered Taxidermy :: Yellowtrace Blog

What faux creature would you add to your home decor? Would it be exotic? Extinct? Or an everyday, backyard friend? (Check out this cool deer head DIY on the Chronicle Books blog.)

Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. anna@HGTV.com says:

    Just came across this cool faux taxidermy created with pine cones and feathers: http://www.suzanfellman.com/collections/catherine

  2. Todd says:

    A store called Pinata Safari is selling Pinata Taxidermy on Etsy…Super Cool!

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