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I’ve wanted to spruce up my backyard for a while and finally had the perfect reason to – throwing a little dinner party.

novogratz dinner party

I decided that since the backyard gets so sunny, adding an awning would be perfect. I went bold with a bright yellow and white striped fabric and even ordered extra fabric to make into matching pillows. Now we can grill in the shade. Heaven!

novogratz yellow awning
People often forget that you can use the exterior of your house as a canvas to hang a mirror or a piece of art. We hung a large mirror on the exterior wall, as well as a lucite longhorn.

Another thing that I love to do for outdoor parties is hang candelabra chandeliers from the trees. The effect of the burning candles seeming to float through space is really amazing, and very pretty.

novogratz tree chandeliers

When I’m up in the Berkshires I love to hit all the local tag sales. Luckily, I found just the table and benches that I needed at one right down the street. I wasn’t loving the dark wood, so we painted the whole set high gloss white. Luckily it dried just in time for the party!

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  1. Lovestolkien says:

    Enjoyed this show so much! I smiled all the way through the episode. The chandelier looked so lovely, especially at dusk with the candles lit. Well, I'm off, got to go make a peace wreath.

  2. jjd says:

    I loved the painted motorcycle tire swings, and the yellow accents (especially the wall stripe and the front porch curtains). Why would you do all that work to spruce up the outside and leave the dirty yellow shutters and dirty white siding all over? At lease repaint the shutters… maybe power wash the siding.

  3. HVV says:

    How can a couple claim to have so much talent in decorating yet they don't spend the time needed to properly clean the outside of their house before throw a party. They didn't even prep the wall over the outdoor grill before they painted that ridiculous yellow stripe, you can still see the dirt bleeding through the yellow paint. Seriously, they spent $1,500 on a couple of beat-up old chandeliers to hang from the trees and take the time to paint a yard gnome gold but the outside of their house is chipping paint and mildewing. This couple is giving advice on decorating? Their show is a joke and should be yanked off the air as soon as possible.

    • Roz says:

      My thoughts exactly. Those filthy shutters were absolutely revolting!! Jeez….spend a couple of hundred bucks and power wash your disgusting house.

    • nina says:

      Hi HVV…………..I totally agree with you…..what were they thinking…….Hell i could do better job

    • cherrylipgloss says:

      they claim to be bohemian chic, yet, like you said, they drop 15 grand on beat up chandeliers. no, no, no! thats the kind of thing you randomly see in your neighbors trash….drag them home…..and your drunk uncle crams them in the branches of a tree…..that's what makes something like that cool……NOT spending serious cash, overthinking, and just plain trying too damn hard. Cool isn't planned….it just happens@

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  5. Annie says:

    The 2 previous posts display a lack of vacation home awareness (besides forgetting that Cortney admits they concentrated on the interior & will paint the exterior when time permits). That said, what a pair of marvelous parents they are besides their groovy design aesthetic. Another great episode and can't wait for next week.

  6. HMB says:

    Calling John Giddings on this one! What is so special about this? It looks junky. Vern Yip and Candace Olsen will not be picking these folks for Design Star.

  7. STUART RUBIN says:

    Happened to see the show during rain delay of football game. Sprucing up outdoors with flowers and a swing is fine. But, hanging chandeliers on trees and placing a mirror on the exterior of the house is silly. A bird will crash into the mirror. The trees will be set on fire and possibly burn down the house. And what's with the yellow stripe on the back side of the house? It's more suitable to Kodak's headquarters building.

  8. Super Frey says:

    I wanted to find out where they got the metal looking floating pool spheres…so cool.

  9. dalee01 says:

    i saw an add for that "housewife", saying she was airing this coming sat at 10:00!! Isn't that the regular time for the novagratz! if so, WHERE AND WHEN WILL WE SEE THEM???

  10. Roz says:

    What I found interesting was the clear acrylic cow head — I liked it and want to know where I can find one.
    I have a western room it would be perfect for. Went online looking for something like it , but no luck.

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